CONCERT REVIEW: The Made to Destroy Tour with Pierce the Veil, Neck Deep, and I Prevail

I just realized that I never wrote a concert review on the Made to Destroy Tour with Pierce the Veil, Neck Deep, and I PrevailI probably avoided this just because I’ve been so weepy since it’s been over. This past Friday night in Atlanta was totally amazing, and I miss every moment of it.

The journey began around 4:30pm after my sister, Kae’sha, got off work. We went through the Wendy’s drive-thru, and with the top down on her cherry red Mustang convertible, we made our way to Atlanta, blasting mostly Pierce the Veil and Neck Deep songs (because that was all I had on my phone), and as we neared Atlanta, the sky turned from a bright blue to a dark grey.

As we neared Atlanta, the sky turned from a bright blue to a dark grey. The tall business buildings of Atlanta loomed overhead, their top floors covered with clouds, fog, smog, or maybe a little of each.

“Atlanta is looking like Gotham right now, and it’s kinda freaking me out,” Kae’sha said as we drove deeper into the city.

She contemplated pulling off to the side of the freeway to put the top up (since you couldn’t do it with the car in motion. I learned this for the first time that night). But it wasn’t pouring just yet, and we were almost there, so we decided to just keep going.

We made it to The Tabernacle a little late, so as soon as we walked in, I could hear I Prevail singing their cover of “Blank Space.” I wanted to stop by the merch tables, but there was a pretty good line, and I didn’t want to miss anymore of the show than we already had.

Kae’sha guided me into the actual venue portion since it was my first time being there, and it wasn’t extremely crowded, but there were a good amount of people standing there. We slipped around people in the back to try to get as close as we could. We were content being back there; we didn’t really want to fight to the front.

While we waited for Neck Deep’s set, we made friends with two girls who were standing behind us. We swapped phones to take pictures of each other, and also to follow each other on Twitter and Instagram, and we discussed the different bands we’d seen in concert. It was actually one of the girls’ birthday that day, and this concert had been a present from her friend that was with her.

I would love to say that I got some great pictures of the show, and I sorta did, but not really. I think the best pictures/videos I got were of Neck Deep, but not of Pierce the Veil.

Guys. I’m not even going to try to go into too much detail of what was happening during this concert. All I’ll say are these things…


It’s no wonder they won “Best Live Band” for the 2016 APMAS because they were so good. They played all of my favorite songs basically…”Threat Level Midnight,” “I Hope This Comes Back to Haunt You,” “Kali Ma,” are only a few. Oh and “December (Again).” My, my…

Ben Barlow, their frontman, also called us “keen,” and said that this was the best show they’d played on tour so far. I was so weak.



It has been two years since I’ve seen Pierce the Veil live, and this would be the first time I’d be hearing some songs from the Misadventures album live. There are no words to express how amazing Pierce the Veil’s set was.

First of all, they had a space theme going during this tour. For those who know that I’m a space enthusiast, this theme alone slayed me from the beginning. They began with “Dive In,” and even played a couple of songs from their Selfish Machines album – “Caraphernelia” and “Bulletproof Love” (!!!!)

They performed “Floral and Fading,” (YES.) and they also played “Kissing in Cars,” which is such a HUGE deal because this is the first tour that they’ve played this song live for.  I WAS STOKED.

And then…guys…GUYSSSSS….




I lost it then. This album legit brought me through my freshman year of college. I cannot express all the emotions I was feeling.

I remember the last three songs vividly: “Hold on Till May,” and two encore songs – “Circles,” and “King for a Day.” I cried like a baby during “Hold on Till May,” I kid you not. You can ask the eleven-year-old girl who was standing next to me, and staring at me as I bawled my eyes out. Such a mess.

One thing I really enjoyed through Pierce the Veil’s set was that they explained what each song meant to them, and why or who they wrote it for. It made the songs even more special to me knowing their reasons for writing what they wrote…

“The Divine Zero” – creating songs/doing what you love/following your dreams, and helping others through your dreams

“Kissing in Cars” – for Jaime’s friend’s future wife when they were getting married

“Circles” – Vic dedicated this song that night to people affected by Hurricane Matthew, originally for people affected during the Paris attacks

“Hold on Till May” – for a friend of Vic’s who was neglected by her parents all of her life

Also, Vic Fuentes (Pierce the Veil’s frontman) encouraged us all that if we have a dream, we needed to do it right now. And it’s one of those things that you hear all the time, but sometimes you just need to hear it from one of your favorite people.

With everything going on with evacuating to Chattanooga, and also with personal things happening with me, this concert was definitely something that encouraged me in all sorts of ways. I needed to see my favorite band with one of my favorite people i.e. my sister.

Also, let’s talk about how, I’m still suffering from PCD (Post-Concert Depression, to those who don’t know), yet I’ve been able to listen to Pierce the Veil and a little of Neck Deep the past couple of days. I thought I’d be crying all over the place because I miss the show, and I miss them, but I think this show was just different in a lot of ways. It was just too good.

If you have a chance to see any of these bands during this tour, DO IT. You definitely won’t regret it. But I guess I’m pretty biased when it comes to this so…




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