10 Things I’ve Learned in the Month I’ve Lived in Chatt


  1. There are House Rules. Even if it’s simply that “pizza night” is strictly on Tuesdays, or we aren’t allowed to be nosy about Christmas gifts, there are house rules
  2. Betty White is OLDER THAN SLICED BREAD. I literally learned this at the dinner table tonight. Betty White was born before commercially sliced bread was a thing. Long live Betty! 
  3. Tokyo Express is closed on Saturdays. Saddest day of my life driving there with Paula, and realizing my dreams of eating hibachi shrimp and fried rice would not come true.
  4. Eyebrow threading is L I F E. As Paula told me after I got mine done for the first time, “You’ll never go back.” (meaning, I’ll never go back to waxing or even doing my own eyebrows). And she’s right. I won’t.
  5. Moisturizing constantly is SUCH A NEED. You’d think I’d know this by now, but I’ve never had to wash my hands so much until I started working at a preschool, and had to wash my hands more than five times within an hour because I was blowing my nose so often (because of a cold). I kid you not, the top of my right hand is extremely dry. I’m so ashamed. Pass the Vaseline please. (And shout out to Paula, who got me a Mary Kay satin hands kit. PRAISE.)
  6. Weekly Walmart Trips. Why am I always at Walmart? Why do I need so much stuff? Maybe I can eat one less meal a day, and save money on food. But a lot of the items I need aren’t even food items sooooo…
  7. Getting in between a pet and what it’s eating is a negative. I almost got my hand bitten by Gwendolyn, the adorable Corgi I live with, because she was chowing down on my yogurt cup, and I tried to take it away from her. Thankfully, I moved my hand quick enough so she only bit the sleeve of my hoodie. Never again.
  8. The HALO video game series is just…Guys. I’m addicted. Yes, I’m low-key nerdy. Leave me aloooone.
  9. Everyone needs a cherry-pit-filled warmer thing. It’s one of those things you make yourself, and heat up in the microwave, and it keeps you warm for a certain amount of time. I get to make one this week. I’m stoked. (Maybe I’ll post a picture for you all so you know what I’m talking about.)
  10. LIGHT GREEK VANILLA-FLAVORED YOGURT + GRANOLA. This is a new love of mine. Also blueberry English muffins.


❤ Mishy

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