10 Things I’ve Learned in the 2 Months I’ve Lived in Chattanooga

  1. Even if you have a “good” phone case, TRY HARD TO NOT DROP YOUR PHONE. I dropped my phone in a parking lot after having it for a week, and was like, “Oh, IT’S FINE, I have a good phone case!” Yeah, no. The bottom left corner of my phone is cracked. I’m grateful it isn’t the screen or the camera though, let’s be real. 😅
  2. Caution: Downtown Road Lines Invisible on Rainy Nights. I drove into an oncoming-traffic turning lane one rainy night coming from Caylin’s apartment. Thankfully, a car was coming and honked at me, and I quickly corrected my error. Oops. 😳
  3. Staying Up Too Late isn’t What it Used to Be…I have tried a couple of times already to stay up really late like I used to in college. I just can’t. I mean, I was tired in college when I stayed up, but I feel like the tiredness level has tripled ever since I started working and whatnot. The only times I’m able to do it are when I’m out with friends, and sometimes when I’m with family. Even in these instances, though, once 1am rolls around, I’m dead tired. #sleepisfortheweak #iamweak 😴
  4.  Cream Cheese Pie with Strawberries. This is my new jam. It’s so good. And yes, I’ll probably have at least one new food item that I love every month on this list. 🍰😋
  5. For the Best Manicure…You really shouldn’t paint your nails right before bed. I woke up the next morning with all sorts of blanket patterns on my freshly painted nails, even though they were PERFECTLY DRY WHEN I WENT TO SLEEP. They didn’t look terrible enough to re-do them, but I was still slightly annoyed. 😒
  6. Real Friends…will drive to your house at 11:30pm, let you cry on their shoulder, and walk around your neighborhood with you until 1am until you’re okay. They’ll talk to you on the phone for a couple of hours late at night to sort out some things in life, even though you both have work early the next morning. They’ll buy you the throat coat tea and white cheddar popcorn you need when you aren’t feeling 100%. They’ll give you advice, even though they know it may not be what you want to hear. These kinds of people are necessary. 💖
  7. I Need to Write This Stuff Down. No lie, I’m struggling trying to come up with this list this time around. What have I learned in the past month?? It feels like it flew by, and maybe I didn’t learn anything???
  8. Planners aren’t Just for School. I had to buy myself a planner as soon as the New Year started. I honestly thought I’d be done with planners once I graduated. Ha. Hahahaha.
  9. Giving Grace. I tend to be hard on myself if I miss writing for a day, or miss out on having my quiet time. But I’m learning that feeling guilty about it isn’t going to help me make the changes I need. I just need to roll with it; take it all a day at a time, and give myself grace when I miss things or mess things up.
  10. It’s Easy to Join the Bandwagon. Meaning, in one fell swoop, I’ve wanted to 1) Get a septum piercing 2) Get several tattoos 3) Cut my hair into a ‘fro. Yes, I currently still want to do all these things. Some people have tried to talk me out of all this. I haven’t done anything yet so…🤷🏽‍♀️


💙 Mishy 🦋

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