*Fun Fact: This post is was originally written on a Word document because while I was at Goodman’s, the WiFi wouldn’t connect to my computer. Huge “thank you” to whoever created the copy and paste features of a computer. All writers around the world probably don’t show you enough gratitude, but we’ve been thankful for it more than we consciously think.

What would you consider a productive day? To some of you, it may mean getting a certain amount of work done, or running all the errands you needed to. Some of you think a productive day includes all the “adulting” things – doing laundry, making meals, cleaning your room, getting your car fixed, or going grocery shopping.

I didn’t do any of these things, but I would say that today’s been pretty productive for me.

After starting the day reading my Bible and eating a bowl of my favorite cereal, my friend Rachel came over and prepared a breakfast to share with me that consisted of pull-apart biscuits, instant sausage links, and French-pressed coffee. Surprisingly, we didn’t wake my roommates despite our excited conversation and loud grinding of coffee beans.

We then ventured to McKay’s Used Books where we spent two-and-a-half hours going through the DVDs, contemporary modern literature, poetry, and writing sections. Truly a writer’s dream on a Saturday afternoon. This adventure was followed by a Chikfila lunch filled with discussions about doing what we love and tattoos, and the car ride back into the city held conversations about the use of the word “adulting,” doctor and dentist visits, and the length of time we had our braces.

And that is how, dear reader, we found ourselves at Goodman’s, me reading, writing, and trying but failing to connect to the Wi-Fi so I could post this, while Rachel works a four-hour graveyard shift.

Happy Saturday, friends. I hope you were productive in whatever way you define that to be.


💙 Mishy 🦋

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