Changes…in Circumstances

Today on Alex Elle’s Instagram story, her journal question was:

“How can YOU change your circumstances?”

And I think that I have more power over my circumstances than I realize sometimes. I’m not saying that I have total control over what happens in my life…I’m saying I have control over how I react to what happens in my life.

For instance, on Monday, I was determined to make it a good day even though I knew there was a long week ahead of me. I arrived at work, and could feel the tension and burn-out of some of the people around me. I had two choices – to join the feelings of burn-out, or to move past those feelings, and try to make the day something worthwhile.

I didn’t succeed as much as I wanted to, honestly; Monday was still a hard day. But then I had another choice – to allow my bad first day of the week to dictate how the rest of my week would go.

So, in this way, I can see how I can change my circumstances in my life. My attitude about what is going on in my life can truly determine how I go about working through it, and whether the next things that occur will build or break me.

There are definitely other ways to do this – instead of waiting last minute to put up a blog post, I could write some drafts, or write earlier in the day before doing other important things I need to do (I’m sort of feeling this right now, if i’m honest haha). But I guess I just want to be more mindful of how I’m viewing the circumstances in my life, and change the way I react to things because I tend to react sort of…well…dramatically to the things that happen in my life sometimes. And I need to remind myself that it’s not the end of the world.

How do you normally react to the circumstances in your life? Do you think you need to make any changes in your reactions? If so, are you willing to do so?

#MishyWrites 🦋✨

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