Changes…in Work

This week is training week at the preschool I’ll be teaching a two-year-old class in this upcoming year. As I sat there thinking about this new position and the work I’ve been doing since I graduated college, I realized that it a year ago at this point in my life, I was just starting an internship back home that would last three months, and give me time to decipher what in the world I was going to do.

And here I am training for a new job again; a job I never expected to be in, if I’m honest. I’m simultaneously nervous and excited about the potential that this new year holds. The similarities and differences in the job I’m currently in and the job I had last year are so interesting to me.

Both jobs involved me using my creativity; granted in different ways for different purposes. But I’m grateful that the Lord has placed me in positions in which I can utilize the creative side of my brain that I’ve been so attached to for most of my life. At my last job, there sometimes seemed to be some mindless work, but where I am now, I feel like I have the opportunity to really stretch myself creatively, and maybe even teach the kids in my class about creativity too.

I think it always blows my mind to think about where I am in comparison to a year ago. The change is unreal; you never know where you could be in a year’s time. It’s unreal, but it’s exciting – the potential and possibilities are endless. And seeing the differences between then and now, it makes me realize how unafraid I should really be.

There’s always a fear of the future for most people; a fear of the unknown. Where will be next week, next month, a few months from now, a year? Time continually moves on, and things are constantly happening within that time. What am I doing within that time to get me to a place I’m content with a year from now?

I guess I just want to make sure that, even though where I am work-wise is a good place, and I’m content and satisfied, that I am still pursuing the things I’m passionate about, so that maybe in a year I’ll be closer to my dreams than I am now. There’s nothing wrong with where I am right now; I just yearn for more, and am praying the Lord will give me the wisdom and motivation to be obedient, and take the steps to be where He needs me to be.

A lot has happened in a year. And I’m willing to work in this next year to see where I am a year from now.

#MishyWrites 🦋✨

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