*Do Not Touch*

Day by day, they pass her.
In awe of the beauty she bestows that inspires them to
See the world differently…
Challenges them to do more than they are already doing, to
Actually change the world instead of continuing to simply dream that
They can.

They stop and stare, unaware that she also
Analyzes them.
She hears them exclaim the praise of the artist who made such a figure,
And express their love for her –

A masterpiece…


She hears these things, and is flattered.
She longs to know more about the spectators who gaze longingly at her,
Who stop to read her.
Who are mesmerized by her presence.

She wants to touch them.

She wants them to touch her…

To feel the soul that hides beneath what they can only see from a distance.
To embrace the warmth of the love for them that she’s held onto for so long.
To be brave enough to step closer, and just…

But anyone who dares to even try, steps back.
Intimidated by her astonishing design they
Never step past that invisible boundary that keeps them
From really understanding her.
From really pursuing her.
From really feeling who she is.

And so, they leave.

And she stands there wondering how they can just walk away
After they said all those things about her and her maker.
After being so close to her, being so touched by her,
They couldn’t take the few steps closer, and just…

#MishyWrites πŸ¦‹βœ¨

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