take your time

I am in no way, shape, or form, perfect.

And even though I know this fact, I had never felt it so much until yesterday when I felt like so much of my life was completely out of my control. I felt like the weights of different things in my life that I’d been carrying had finally all come crashing down on me, and I felt powerless to do anything. I felt stupid for making decisions that brought me to this point, and I wondered why in the world things started to crumble right when I felt like things started to actually work out for the better.

A call from my dad reminded me of my imperfections, and how in these times, I am to lean on Christ even more so. Again, I knew this; the answer seemed so simple, yet while I was standing there, emotions running high, thoughts wildly going back and forth in my mind, it was hard to see which path was the correct one.

And I am sitting here writing this to say that it’s okay to lose it a little. If we never lost it, we would never realize just how much we need the stability of Jesus to remind us that He’s got us; that He has everything we need, and all we need to do is go to Him.

Honestly, I am also sitting here and thinking of all the things I could freak out about: today is November first and, hello, the #JustStartWriting website hasn’t been updated yet. Things did / didn’t happen this week that I weren’t expecting. I’ve got ideas I want to set in motion, but I haven’t even found set times to really execute them. I honestly expected to have my life all together after my week of no social media, but this week is proving that that isn’t so.

And you know what? IT’S OKAY.

This doesn’t mean I should brush off any responsibilities I may have (the #JustStartWriting website should update by tomorrow!), but it does mean that I don’t have to be so harsh with myself if I can’t get everything done when I want it done. I am only human. God is teaching me right now to just breathe, to take my time during the process of things, to be okay when things don’t get done when I expected them to be. And to also go to Him, and ask for help in accomplishing the things I would like to get done. It doesn’t mean they’ll get done quicker; shoot, they may actually take longer than I really wanted. But God’s timing is always perfect, and this is a fact I know, but only now am I truly understanding.

I am really just striving to still be faithful with every day the Lord’s blessed me with. We are never guaranteed another twenty-four hours of life, so whatever we are given, we must make it count, not to bring glory to ourselves, but glory to God.

So, rest in the arms of the Lord. Handle your business, but don’t be upset if it all doesn’t get done in the time you wanted it to be done.

Take your time today, luvvies.

#MishyWrites 🦋✨

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