pretty luvvy.

I looked at myself in the mirror today and
Realized that I haven’t seen myself as


For quite some time.

I realized how it’s been a minute since I believed my
Brown skin was
Inferior to
How I used to think my value lied in what I looked like compared to everyone else,
Rather than the fact that I am a

Beautiful creation,
Crafted by a wonderful Creator,
Destined to walk through those days of shame and hurt;
Days filled with questions like:

“When will they ever see me as enough?”
“When will I ever reach my full physical potential?”
“Maybe I’ll just glo up when I get older…?”

All those days lived through for me to
Learn to love myself,
To be in awe of my allure.

How freeing it is to know my beauty doesn’t rest in
The thoughts of boys and men.
How amazing it is to look at my face –
To admire my eyes, nose, lips, and mouth –
And not wish they weren’t mine.
To see myself in a glass over and over again and think,

“Wow…I am stunning.
I am gorgeous, flawless, graceful.
I am pretty.
I am worthy.”

These types of moments make up for all those days
Wishing I was someone
Other than myself.

Longing to look like someone else.

#MishyWrites πŸ¦‹βœ¨

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