Some of you may be wondering…

Mishy said she was going to write a poem every day…is she even doing that?

Why yes, dear reader, I am! I’m simply writing them in that gold notebook I have, and saving them most for revision, and hopefully for them to be published in a book later!

Thankfully, there have been a couple of days in which I’ve been able to write more than just one poem because of different things on my mind. They’re just rough drafts, but I’m grateful that the Lord would inspire the words within me to write them.

I just wanted to share this little poem with you though. I actually wrote it on December 30, 2017, as I was riding in the car with my sister back to our grandmother’s house. We were on the freeway, and the sun was setting, causing most of the streetlights to turn on. As I looked out toward the city streetlights, I wrote this poem…


I hope that when the darkness begins to close around you
The streetlights in your heart and soul
Immediately turn on,
And spark a Hope ablaze within you that
Guides you on your way back
Towards home.
Towards the things and people who will
Remind you that
The dark only lasts some hours and
Those streetlights will keep hope and faith alive
Until the sun rises again.


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