“To All the Singles on February 13th”

Tomorrow you will be tempted to compare yourself to those who
Have someone to hold.
You may smile in happiness for those who are showered with
Gifts and candy and flowers,
But on the inside, your heart is
Melting…like a forgotten piece of chocolate sitting out in the sun.
And you’ll try to be the “strong, independent one,” who doesn’t really care that
Another Valentine’s Day is here, but
You don’t have anyone, excuse me, that
“Special someone” to share it with.

Maybe you’re tempted into thinking that you’re
Unlovable, unlikable,
The only one alone, or
The only one who may receive gifts but
They’re not from your lover, but
A family member.

I want you to know that tomorrow is just like any other day.
That just like any other day, you have people who do love you and care about you.
That even though it hurts to be alone sometimes, you don’t let it stop you from
Being who you are and doing what you wanna do you
Don’t let it define you on any other day so
Why let it define you tomorrow?
I know single people get tired of hearing someone say to them
“Love yourself!” but it’s true:
Take the time, the money, the space to
Spoil yourself, love on yourself:
Eat that pizza, go to that movie,
Sit out under the stars with a glass of wine in hand and
Do a little “I love me” dance and
Through loving yourself, remember
The greatest fact of all –

God loves you.
Not just today but
Every single day.

Luvvy, you are created for love.
You were created with love.
Today and every day,
You are loved.

And in these moments when you’re ready to give up,
To throw in the towel and say,
“I’m tired of throwing myself out there only to be used up and hung out to dry to
Cry every single tear that’s left from my eyes
In those moments, luvvy,
Breathe in, breathe out.
Open your arms up then close them
Shut around your rib cage and
Breathe in and out again.
Squeeze tightly and remember:

Love is in you. Love is with you.
Love surrounds you.


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