“TITLE” (poem)

Luvvy, you deserve a TITLE.

Not some dude who gonna sit in idle, stay in PARK and
Play with ya and mess with your heart, nah,
If he say he ain’t ready then


Don’t wait on him.
Don’t let him slurp you up like you spaghetti, don’t
Let him explore ya like he Dora or
Trap you in a corner,
Making you think that without him your life ain’t in order,
Girl, when it was JUST YOU, you was

If he can’t or won’t look at you and say,
“She’s mine,”
Then go ahead and
Draw that line and move on.
If you need to, go ahead – sing those sad/mad love songs,
Cry and let it all out,
But at the end of the day, don’t you dare doubt the choice you made because
He had a choice – and he chose not to be with ya.

And you chose not to settle for no mediocre love because
You deserve that TITLE.
You deserve to be someone’s woman,
Not some dude’s cushion to fall back on when he
Lookin at other girls and they don’t work out, nah
He need to put some work in!
He need to be bendin’ over backwards tryna love who you are because you’re

And he better be comin’ to you a WHOLE person; ain’t no “complete me” in all this.
You been complete this whole time, so if he’s just a half, then he’s

Don’t look back; I know, it can be hard because
Maybe you still care for him or
He was your first love, but
Keep your eyes ahead of ya; look forward to the day when
A dude who’s whole and ready decides to
Walk right in your way.

written on April 11, 2018


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