like my momma.

Today is my mom’s birthday! 🥳🎉❤️ And ever since I can remember, I’ve been told that I look like my mom, hands down. Honestly, I never could really see it, until she showed me pictures of her when she was younger, and I could sort of see it. Or when you compare me and the sister closest in age to me, I look like our mom, and my sister looks like our dad.

Now when I take pictures with my mom, that’s when I can truly see the similarities! Even in this photo one of my aunt’s recently found of my family back in the good ole ‘90s, I can see that I definitely favor my mother.

You can’t get more ‘90s than this!!

As I get older the more I do or say things, I’m reminded of my mom; certain mannerisms, even the way I say things sometimes! But a major thing I believe I have gotten from my mother was the gift of creativity.

I had a memory pop up on my Facebook feed the other day, and it was a picture of this little coin purse my mom had sown and stitched. And it made me think of all the many things my mom had created like quilts (mine currently hangs on a wall in my apartment) and she’s infamous in our family for how she wraps presents for Christmas every year…the folds and creases are nothing you’ve probably ever seen before!

But that’s my mom! And I love how she does things so differently, and is so confident in it. And even if she isn’t, she’ll find a way to learn because she’s curious; she’s never afraid to ask questions so she knows exactly what’s going on.

I’ve been reminiscing all day today of the summer of 2016 when I lived at home right after college, and I saw my mom so often because I worked from home. And we’d talk, and eat together, watch TV together, go places together…it was such a sweet time for me, and definitely what I needed as I was dealing with tough things emotionally and mentally.

I love my mom SO MUCH! And I’m grateful she has seen another year of life, and I pray she sees so many more! 🙏🏽

They say me and Kae’sha are twins, but really, it’s us 💕

What parent do you resemble the most? Are you similar in physical characteristics, personality, mannerisms, all of the above?? What are some ways you’ve seen the influence of your parent(s) change your life?

Mishy 🦋💕

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