“Refreshing Come” (poem)

“Change my thinking.

Break the chains these thought patterns bring that

Distract me from everything I should be doing, how I should live my life.

This cycle is addicting; I’ve gotten used to letting it run its course and

Have it’s way with me, well,

I refuse to let it run rampant through my brain anymore.

I’m asking my Savior to help me cut ties with them, to

Strengthen me as I abandon this negative mental state.

It has done nothing but brought me low; it’s caused me to

Forget who I really am, and why I was created and given the gifts that I have.

It’s made me let go of things I once held close; now I struggle to know whether

I am just as worthy as I used to be, or if

My ability to be used has decreased.

Change the way I think, let the

Inner workings of my being reflect outwardly by fruit.

Let the song I sing not be one of mourning, but a

Hymn of praise that rejoices in Truth.

Let it be sung over my mind, spirit, and heart:

Refreshing come.”

Mishy 🦋💕

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