late night quarantine thoughts.

Well, friends!

I found out yesterday that I’ll be off of work for another two weeks after this week! So, I’ve got a lot of time to work on some things *rubs palms together*

And even though I have this mindset, I also know that it’s okay to have the mindset of rest. It’s easy to be hard on myself, and think that I’ve wasted a day or some days by not doing anything productive towards the things I want to accomplish. But I shouldn’t be hard on myself, and neither should you; I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve done weeks, months of just goinggoinggoing, and wishing that I had just a day to rest. And now that I’ve been given about a month to rest, suddenly I feel this pressure to get all sorts of things done.

I know this isn’t new information for many of you; some of you may be feeling the same as I am. And most of you have at least heard this perspective due to being on social media all the time these days, with so many accounts posting content relevant to this time, because it’s the most relatable topic right now – that’s where all of our minds are right now.

And as much as I want to stay relevant and relatable to you all, I don’t want the message of hope to not be read in what I present to y’all. There are so many creatives taking this route, and I’m grateful for them because it’s easy to fall into so many negative emotions during this time: fear, worry, hopelessness, denial, skepticism, etc. But if we can shed some light onto the situation, remind people that although things change quickly, it is possible for things to change for the better.

These things we’re viewing, whether they’re videos, online live concerts, healing sessions, prayer sessions, positive pictures or illustrations, I pray are more than just distractions that only hold our attention and our spirit for a moment, but can carry us through until this is all over. Let us be sure in this time not to just take things in quickly and casually, but to let them settle on our hearts; let us ponder them in our minds.

I don’t have much today, guys…today honestly flew by pretty quickly, and I can’t believe it’s already almost tomorrow! Just wanted to make sure I tapped in here with y’all.

Stay healthy, safe, and most importantly, blessed!

Mishy 🦋💚

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