good friday.

Many around the world are acknowledging today as a couple of different things. One is National Siblings Day, which is important. I have two sisters whom I love very much, and am seriously proud of the growth that they’ve made in each of their lives. πŸ’œπŸ’› I know that God has planned some major things for them, and I cannot wait to see them completely bloom into their passions!

Today is also (most importantly) Good Friday. The day in which Jesus took on the sins of the world, past, present, and future, by dying on the Cross. I’ve seen posts already on social media discussing the irony of today’s name being “good” Friday, when back then, those who followed Jesus probably saw anything but good in what was happening to Him. We call it “good” now because we know the end result: we know that 3 days later, we will celebrate Easter, the day He rose from the dead.

And I can’t help but stop and think how many times in my Christian walk have I thought, Man, God is good. Obviously, I’ve said and thought this during easy times, or when blessings come. But do I also think this when the trials come? When I can’t seem to see any good outcomes coming from what I’m going through? Can (and do) I still say that He’s good? Can/do I still believe that to be true?

Honestly, in my Christian walk, it’s hard to feel and understand that Jesus is right here where I am, whether I’m in a good or bad situation. It’s sometimes hard to grasp the beauty of the day He gave His life when it was so long ago. But to see how much it has transformed my life, and the lives of people I love, and have witnessed live for Jesus, understanding and feeling it doesn’t seem all that difficult anymore. Jesus is there to guide me, so long as I ask, and obey Him.

Easter is filled with what most holidays are filled with – traditions. In both the church and secularly. Some do Easter baskets, egg hunts, wearing their special Easter dresses and suits, having brunch or cookouts. In some church denominations, they’ve been celebrating or acknowledging the Easter season through different days, colors, hymnals, etc. And while traditions can be fun, or can help us remember the importance of Good Friday, may we not drown the Truth in such things so much so that we don’t remember this simple and wonderful fact:

Jesus took our place on the cross. We, as sinful humans, were meant to pay the price for what we have done/would do. And because of His Great Love for us, He died in our place. And now, we can have a relationship with Him because He opened that door with His death and resurrection.

I don’t want to write this post and fling it out onto the Internet like it’s nothing; this day is SO important. Because the gift that came from Jesus’ death that occurred so many years ago today is available to EVERY SINGLE PERSON, so long as they believe in Him, His Sacrifice, and His Resurrection. So long as they let go of any plans they have for their own lives, and are willing to pick up their own crosses and follow Him wherever He leads. So long as they dedicate their lives to living like He did as best as we can in our sinful flesh.

Some of you may know these things, and others may not. For those who are familiar, please take time today to sit and ponder the basis of which are faith is in. And to those who are not familiar, and may even have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments, or by using my Contact form on my blog here. I’m not saying that I have the answers to every single thing the Bible teaches, but I do have the faith to know that God can speak to you wherever you are, and can give you salvation eternally. It doesn’t mean your life will be easy, but you can learn to hold onto His Peace during hard times. The things in our culture and our world that you used to care so much about won’t matter anymore once you accept His Gift. So please, if you’re wondering or have questions, do not be afraid; speak up.

How are you observing Good Friday today? What is something you can go to God in prayer and praise for, not just today, but from here on out?

Mishy πŸ¦‹ ❀️✝️

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