stay working.

I had this thought a couple of days ago that, wasn’t a new thought at all, just something that I’d like to share/remind you all:

Stay working because you never know who’s watching.

Kind of the equivalent to “Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready when the time comes.”

This thought came to my mind because recently, I got some Instagram notifications that someone had slightly spammed my account with likes, and eventually, commented on one of my posts how they liked my page and they proceeded to follow me afterwards. When I went to this particular person’s page, I saw that she too, was a poet and an author of her own poetry book. Reading some of her work from her IG page, I began to truly love her writing, and decided to follow her back.

She wasn’t a major author or publisher, but she was another black female poet who was able to connect with me after seeing the things I’d posted on my page. Because I’d prepared myself and continued to work, I was able to connect with her on a level she felt she could follow. And after reading her words, I felt like I could connect with her as well.

This may seem like a small step to some, but to me, because one of my main goals is to connect with people, this was a success.

And who knows…maybe further down the line, some well-known, modern poets or book publishers will take a look at one of my social media pages, and connect with me. And if that should happen, I have to make sure that I’m working hard now, and not just waiting for “the right moment” or for the time when I get noticed, because it may be too late.

Honestly, even though I (and most everyone) have been preaching on the balance of using this time, I have definitely had moments where I’d rather not do anything; like because the regularly schedule program has come to a halt, I too, I feel the desire to just halt all the ideas and projects I’ve been working on as well. With balance, I want to keep in mind that time doesn’t stop, and now people are looking for other things to tap into, to watch, to read, to invest in.

So, today I just encourage you: you gotta keep going! You gotta get ready now, so you’re fully prepared when the time comes. And even if you’re still in the midst of working, it doesn’t mean that when your time comes that it’ll pass you by! Remain faithful to God first, follow suit with the task and call He’s given to you, and He will open doors and allow opportunities to unfold before you in perfect timing.

What are you currently working on right now? How have you been feeling about working, and continuing to work in the coming days? Are you motivated, or need that push to get you productive again? What do you think that push could be?

Mishy πŸ¦‹πŸ€

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