vent session.

Here I am, once again…

Isn’t that a song??

Anyways, helloooo, I’m back. I know it’s been months. I know I said I was working on a blog post about slowing down, but then I stopped slowing down, so it never got finished.

Usually, I’ve been trying to keep all my vulnerable posts on my Patreon, but, today I have to talk about this. I have to write about this.

Because you know when they say, when you work hard, the devil works twice as harder?? Is that the saying? I’m probably getting it wrong.

Well, the devil definitely tried to do his work today.

I’ll spare you all of the storytelling, and get the gist of the issue: several of my books that I had already signed, and planned on handing out on Saturday got DOG PEE ON THEM this morning when Patches, my cute, not-so-little dog, took the biggest bathroom break in my apartment because I guess I just wasn’t paying attention to his signals letting me know he needed to go.

And in the process, some of my books got some dog pee on them. Despite me being cautious, and trying to keep them off the floor.

It was really all my fault. I shouldn’t have placed the books on the bed, causing my boyfriend to hop up and push them over the edge, right on top of where the dog pee was.

But man…I was so angry.

I was angry that I’d put a lot of work and thought into signing those books, and less the twelve hours later, they were sprayed with dog pee. I was angry that my effort to try to keep them safe was thwarted because I freaked out about Patches peeing, and I was angry that I just hadn’t taken him out right after he’d eaten instead of wanting to sit and drink my coffee to try to ease into my day.

Things don’t always go as planned. And even though life has proven that to me over and over again, when things like this happen, I really just lose it. Like, the perfectionism in me just can’t WAIT to pitch a fit about something like this occurring. And looking back on it now, I could have handled myself a lot differently. I could have said things in a better tone, I could have reacted in a care-free manner. But I feel like these days, I just take things WAY too seriously.

Is it because I’m stressed? Is it because I haven’t really had time to sit by myself for a while, so everything I’m feeling is just gushing out of me instead of me sitting and really thinking about everything I’m feeling.

Honestly, I missed this. I missed just writing and spilling, not thinking about how it may come off to others, or how professional writers might stop by my blog just to see little ole me talking about dog pee.

I hope you enjoyed this little vent session. I may just have to come on here more often, and just start writing.

Mishy πŸ¦‹πŸ€

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