creative cycle.

Here we go…a new month with new possibilities for all.

Yesterday, I started a something new, really for myself because I wanted to express myself creatively in that specific way. I’m keeping it pretty private for now…only those I’ve allowed to know, know about it because I want to be able to freely do this instead of feeling like I’m somehow restricted by my “Mishy Writes” brand standards.

It’ll be interesting to see if I can keep up with it. I always have so much going on that something always ends up falling by the wayside, whether it’s blogging (haha…), TikTok/IG reels, promotions for my own services, writing poetry, etc. I sometimes feel bad that certain parts of me get neglected when other parts of me want to shine. I feel like maybe I’m just getting distracted from what I’m supposed to do. But how else can I be inspired if I keep doing the same things over and over again? I feel like creativity has to flow naturally instead of feeling forced to continue the same pattern.

I do need to get back to some cycles though…cycles involving quiet times, journaling and praying. I always find that my creativity is renewed whenever I stick to these specific routines.

Also, I feel like it isn’t a problem to want to get into something new. For some reason, we like to define someone as just ONE THING, whether it be their occupation, their role within their family, the label they place on themselves through social media. Why can’t we allow people to be multifaceted? I feel like that’s how some of the parents at the preschool I work at think of me: Mishy is just a preschool teacher, and nothing more. But there really is SO MUCH MORE to me than people realize! I have so many interests that I feel like I haven’t tapped into, and I’m feeling like I need to express myself in those ways now.

One of my friends suggested I make a schedule for everything I’ve got going on, and that’s a good idea. So, starting this month, and for the rest of this year, every Wednesday is “writing Wednesday.” You can look forward to a blog post from me every week now! I’m really going to start focusing on the things that have always mattered to me. And those who have stuck with me for this long, and know that I usually fall off when it comes to writing here…well, I’m going to do my best to keep my word, and provide more words here.

It’s all just a part of the creative cycle.

Mishy 🦋💛

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