I wasn’t joking when I reposted by birthday picture yesterday saying that I’d cried several times.

Most of it was happy crying though; hearing my family call me, and express their love on my special day. Receiving gifts from them and my friends as well. My sister taking the time out of her day to make me a cake, get me some wine and ice cream, and spend time with me the rest of the evening. It was all very overwhelming in a good way. It ceased a lot of the yearning I had to make my birthday seem like this big celebration because, if you know me, I LOVE celebrating my birthday in a big way.

Growing up, birthdays were huge! Balloons were taped all over the house, presents to open in the morning with bigger presents to open in the afternoon, the perfect cake, sleepovers with friends, it was all catered to what we desired (with boundaries, of course). As an adult, I’m realizing birthdays hold more meaning in regards to celebrating how I view myself and my world, and not just celebrating because it was the day I was born. I’m more pensive on my birthday, I desire special time alone, like how I booked a facial and a tattoo appointment last year, or how this year, I rang in my birthday by having a sushi dinner with a friend, then going home and soaking my feet, drinking a glass of wine, and watching One Tree Hill.

I still did big things, like my boyfriend and I drove to Atlanta and had dinner and then went to Skyview to ride the Ferris wheel and look out over the city. I got to dress up and do my makeup, and just feel like a queen for a night! And I still want to do at least one big thing every year to celebrate. But overall, I truly pray just for clarity as I step into another year of life. I thank God for the blessing of being gifted another year of life. And I look forward to doing more in the next year of life than I did in the last!

How do you celebrate your birthday? Do you like a big party with all your friends and loved ones around, or do you like to keep it simple?

Mishy 🦋

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