what we’re NOT gonna do.

Today, I returned to the land of social media, and I did it with hesitancy, knowing that I could easily be swept away into everything in my immediate sight, and trying to catch up on what I missed. It felt good to return, but I’m really trying to tread lightly; this month away has shown me how tempted I get to allow social media to distract me from what I want and need to do. Even now, as I sat here during nap time at work, I was catching up on Instagram mentions and DM’s, and when I looked at the time, about an HOUR had gone by 😱

See, this is what we’re NOT gonna do…

We’re not about to let that whole month away from social media go to waste in one day as I catch up on notifications. We’re not about to allow social media to have its grip on my spiritual, mental, and emotional health ever again. We’re not about to let social media define a brand and business I’ve been working so hard on. We’re also not gonna let it reshape the purpose of this brand for its own glory.


I was created with a purpose in mind! I was created to create with intention! I was created to stand out and away from what this world deems worthy in order to show that worthiness doesn’t come with worldly validation.

So, what I’m not gonna do is allow social media to get the best of me, or to intimidate me in any way, shape, or form! If you needed to read this, comment 💯 below. I’m not planning on waiting or the year to turn, or for my year of life to turn, to get myself together!

What are you not about to let happen in this last month of 2021? How will you continue to live a life that is best for your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health? What do you need to get rid of or add to make this possible? And what mantras do you need to say to yourself in order to KEEP GOING??

Mishy 🦋❤️

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