new day ~ new year.

Today is Monday, but it feels like a Sunday.

I went to work today, but didn’t actually work. Due to the possible severe weather and the extreme COVID conditions lately, my director decided that we should just all meet up for a meeting at noon…that lasted 30 minutes. Sounds like something I could have enjoyed doing at home, 20 minutes away in my pjs through a Zoom call, but she did what she did. I am grateful that I do get a full pay day!

How do you begin your week? I start by making sure my space is clean: dishes are done or are in the dishwasher, the countertops are clear of any trash or clutter, anything that’s been lying around all last week and into the weekend gets put away or thrown out, light a candle (ALWAYS!). And then I make sure that I’m clean in different ways: shower, listening to an uplifting podcast or some praise music, reading a book, writing.

Just like a lot of us set our intentions or tidy up right before a time shift (say, the new year or even a new month), I think it’s important to get ourselves ready when a new week comes, hell, even when a new DAY comes. I tend to really let the week run me, meaning by Wednesday, all of the hard work I did to clean my space and even clear my head and heart has been cluttered up again by things I left on the floor, or by just negative thoughts as the days go on.

So, why don’t we treat every day like it’s the new year? Because each day truly is a chance to start all over again. I know, I’m starting to dip into that cliché “you don’t have to wait until a new month/year to start again!” bag, but it’s totally true, and it’s something that I’m pushing myself to believe even more now.

Even as I finish this post, I feel as if I’ve written this before. But I also feel as if someone needs to read this (or maybe I just need to re-encourage myself again!). Don’t wait until the “perfect time” to start all over. If you missed out doing something on New Year’s Day, don’t wait until the beginning of February to get started!


Why do you feel we as people wait for a specific time or benchmark to start again? Why is it personally difficult for you to begin tomorrow rather than wait for the beginning of a new week or month?

Mishy 🦋

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