Still Runnin on that *~.JOY.~*

Hey y’all!


God has really gotten me through this week! I’ve continually been filled with joy and peace. I’m just SO HYPED UP and am even ready and excited for what God is ready to show me next. I know that this could mean trials may come my way, but I say, “COME AT ME, BRO! HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT!” because I know that God is on my side. As I have said and have been told so many times: If God is for us, who can be against us? 🙂

Ultimately, God is the One Who has given me the motivation to get through this week before spring break! But He has also given me amazing and wonderful people – my brothers and sisters in Christ – to really push me and encourage me!

I just think it’s so amazing how the body of Christ is so encouraging to each other. Of course, there are times when we can be rude and hurtful, but when we all are holding on to the hope we have in our Savior, it makes it all the easier to encourage, encourage, ENCOURAGE!

Just today I had an awesome lunch date with a friend of mine, and it was great to see God show up in our conversation. She encouraged me so much and I am really excited to see our friendship grow in the upcoming semesters.

It was also crazy to see God use me. He gave me the exact words to tell my friend, and I could totally relate to her situation. In the end, we were so joyful, knowing that we could be confident in who we are in CHRIST, and not this world. 

Other people who have really encouraged me are Corinne, Bria, Caylin, Taylor, really everyone I have come in contact with has been really great this week, despite midterms and papers! So great!

I know that life won’t always seem this easy; trials will come. But I am confident that God is with me, and NOTHING can separate me from His love and mercy. Knowing this, I am ready to take on whatever the world is gonna throw at me! BRING IT ON!!!!


Just one more class and 4 hours of work to get through! Then we’ll be HITTIN THE ROAD, Y’ALL!!!! I’ll be blogging about the trip to Massachusetts as much as I can! Corinne might even make a video and take pictures, so I’ll definitely be posting those up!

I hope the rest of your week goes well! You’ve made it halfway through! I challenge you to trust God with the rest of your week! He has you in His hands and has great things planned for your life!!! Be totally confident in this!!!! 🙂

Love to alla y’all! ❤

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