So, tonight is the beginning of my SPRING BREAK with my friends Bria (if ya don’t know already, she’s my best friend from high school), Corinne, and Caylin (their sisters; Corinne is a junior and Caylin is my age). We’re headed to West Boylston, Massachusetts to stay with Caylin and Corinne’s aunt for the week. SO EXCITED!!

I’ve never been to Massachusetts, much less all the other states that we’ll be driving through, so this trip is gonna be HUGE for me and the others as well. Not only are we staying in Massachusetts, but we’re gonna spend a day in NYC and see Wicked on Broadway! This is a total dream come true, and we’re all hoping to be inspired as soon as we set foot in that amazing city!

So, expect my next posts to be about the trip. Doesn’t mean God won’t show me anything during the trip; I’m actually really excited to see what He’ll teach me this upcoming week! I’ll be posting pictures up and maybe some videos…we shall see…


HAHA, yeah, see we were supposed to be leaving at 5pm right after I clocked out of work. The car was supposed to be packed and ready, and pretty much I envisioned me clocking out, taking the elevator down to the 1st floor, seeing my friends at the car waiting, I’d hop in, and we’d leave.

But, of course, having four girls pack all of their stuff in a small, red Toyota Corolla does not take a small amount of time. So. We struggled a bit with the luggage and lemme just say that telling y’all that me and Bria are squished in a the back is an understatement. But really, it’s not all that bad.

But even after we left campus, we didn’t hit the road. We had to make a stop at Suntrust, then Walmart…and then we bought food from Subway…then we had to get gas…

Oh, the struggle of leaving town…

And after getting gas, we finally, FINALLY, left Chatty-town and hit the freeway. We had our sandwiches and snacks, lots of water, and Caylin made a rockin road trip playlist, so we were entertained the entire way through as we listened to everything from today’s top 40 to songs that brought us back to middle school (ex: the That’s So Raven theme song! PRICELESS! :D)

Restin’ Up: Roanoke, VA

The ride up here was pretty smooth. We passed by TONS of 18-wheelers, and stopped at 2 gas stations to either get gas, use the restroom or get drinks. Corinne is a total trooper, being the only designated driver for this trip. She pulled through 6 hours of driving straight, going on nothing but her own energy and the energy of some red drink she got at the 1st gas station we stopped at.

And now here we are, residing in a hotel in Roanoke and resting up for the night. As I blog, Bria’s finishing up linguistics homework (due in less than 10 hours, apparently), Caylin’s just surfing the web, and Corinne is hittin the sack. 


I just saw the tracklist for UKISS’s 3rd full album “Collage” on Facebook…
12 songs…

7 amazing, adorable, and talented Koreans…

Releasing March 7, 2013…


(but I can’t scream because Corinne’s asleep, so I’ll scream on here. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (^^) )

Sorry about that. Had to let that out of my system somehow. #Blasianprobz

Well, I’m probably gonna get ready for some shut-eye. We’re waking up bright and early tomorrow morning (6am. It’s worse than COLLEGE, GAAHH.) And we’re leaving around 7am, I think. 

10 more hours before we make it to Massachusetts.

It’s gonna be awesome!

Aighty, good nighty! (-.-)zzzZZZ

*Random Bits from SPRING BREAK 2013:

  • Caylin just asked, “What if we get stranded here, y’all, and we had to stay here for the rest of our spring break?”

       My response?“We better find some good crap to do!”

       Bria’s response?: she kinda just stared off, still thinking about her answer.

       Caylin’s response?: “I was thinking we could go see Taylor.” (Taylor’s my roommate for those who don’t know.)

  • Bria (when we first got here): “We’re in Roanoke? Wait, isn’t this the very first settlement in America where everyone disappeared? Yeah, I think it is…”
      And we’re so comforted to remember that as we stay here for the night, Bria LOL…

Love y’all!
*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

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