SB 2013: WE MADE IT!!! :D

I am typing this to you as I sit on a comfy twin bed in an awesome basement room-turned-boys-dream-bedroom. My friends and I have invaded the space with all of our bags, coats, boots, and other girly things.

Yes, y’all. WE MADE IT.

After over 10 hours on the road today, we are finally in Massachusetts at Aunty Madeline’s, sitting in our own spaces, consumed in technology once more: checking emails, submitting work study times, blogging, or playing computer games. It was quite an adventure to get here, so let me tell ya how it went down today…

Late Start

So, remember when I told y’all we were planning on leaving Roanoke at 7am? Haha, yeah, y’all should’ve known that that wasn’t gonna happen. We slept in ’til 6:30 this morning and didn’t eat breakfast until 7am. THEN we left at 8am. 

We had issues such as Bria’s carpetbag zipper coming off the bag (totally my fault! And I felt awful because I’m borrowing the bag and her grandma’s had that bag for FOREVER apparently. Thankfully, we fixed it. *phew*) and trying to put some of our luggage back into the car. But we got it all in and hit the road once more. 

Not to mention, we got distracted by watching this video about how Beyonce gets possessed by the demon-spirit “Sasha Fierce” (hence why her album was called I Am Sasha Fierce. She said so herself, I didn’t make that up!)

 To all of my friends who are Beyonce fans (which I have plenty of them who are), DON’T WATCH IT IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR PERCEPTION OF HER THE SAME. Seriously, I can’t listen to one of her songs now without thinking about what was said about her in that video. I will admit, some of it was kind of stretched…but a lot of it, to me, is blatant evidence of her believing that she becomes possessed by spirits and stuff. It’s creepy. If you want to watch it, it’s somewhere on Facebook, but you can probably YouTube it… *shudder*

Anyways, enough of the weird stuff…

Virginia was really pretty. Sure, it wasn’t sunny or anything, but there were rolling hills and mountains everywhere, not to mention lots of livestock roaming in the fields. We passed by Lynchburg, where my roomie Taylor is from, and I texted her and let her know that I was thinking about her and that I saw some sheep that she would love to take home as her own. It was nice to talk to her for a bit.

Girls in the Bronx

I slept for most of the trip. Yeah, I haven’t seen a lot of this side of our country, but really, when I woke up, we’d just left Virginia. That tells you how big of a state it is. We made some stops at gas stations. We stopped at this one gas station called Sheetz that was, like, THE HEAVEN of gas stations! Seriously, it had EVERYTHING. I was so overwhelmed I just ended up getting a cream soda and a chocolate chip cookie.

We ate and slept more and listened to more music. We actually finished Caylin’s Road Trip playlist kinda early in the game, so Corinne played some music from her iPod. But mostly, Bria and I slept the entire way.

So, what had happened was…

We went through these toll booths, which we have to to get through some of the states we went through. I can’t really remember where we were…I think we went through New Jersey. It was so amazing because across the river, we could see it…New York City. Caylin and I were taking pictures and videos as we drove by it.

Corinne was saying that it couldn’t be NYC because the GPS was taking us toward it. She thought it might’ve been a big city in New Jersey. But really, that city was too big not to be NYC.

So, we get to another toll bridge…and y’all…the toll costed $13!!! So freakin’ expensive!

And as soon as we started driving onto the George Washington bridge and cars began to surround us, we knew…

We were headed to the middle of NYC.

Okay, we didn’t end up in the middle of NYC, but it sure seemed like it there for a few minutes of driving. It. Was. CHAOTIC. We went through some tunnels and there were plenty of cars and 18-wheelers around us to make some really bad rush hour traffic. Thankfully, we didn’t get into any. 

My Pa sent me 2 books before I left and told me, “You just might use them.” One was an atlas and the other was called The Next Exit that told you what was at the next exit, whether it be food, gas, a rest stop, or even a school!

I pulled out my atlas and deduced from the signs around us that we were in the Bronx. And sure enough, we passed by a giant sign that said, “Bronx Community College.” So, we weren’t in Manhattan, but we sure were in another big part that was kind of considered NYC. We were in the Bronx for maybe a good 30 minutes to an hour and then we finally entered Connecticut.

Food, Food, Food

As soon as we got into Connecticut, Corinne suggested that we get something to eat. And all of us couldn’t agree more. Just being in the middle of the Bronx got our hearts racing so much that it probably kicked in our metabolisms (haha, I am so making this up. Idk if your heart rate is somehow connected to your metabolism. I’m not a nutritionist or physician. So forgive me.)

But the point is, we were really hungry. So, using my The Next Exit book, we were able to get off an exit that supposedly had a McDonald’s…only, there was none around (I took us off the wrong exit. But the girls don’t know that since we eventually found a McDonald’s some miles away. Shh, don’t tell. It’s our little secret…)

So, we stopped at McDonald’s for an hour. And by this time, we’ve realized that we are not gonna be able to make it to Massachusetts for Caylin and Corinne’s cousin’s basketball game. But we continued on the road…


…into some NASTY BEHIND TRAFFIC. Seriously, y’all, I fell asleep again and woke up like 3 or 4 times and we were still stuck in traffic. I feel like we were in stop n go traffic for like an hour and a half. Poor Corinne. She had to call someone so she could stay awake and alert while driving. 

By the time we got out of the traffic and I woke up, it was completely dark outside. So, I fell asleep some more and then I woke up and we were taking an exit. We were so close.

We stopped at this restaurant called Friendly’s that, according to Caylin and Corinne, have the best milkshakes or, as they’re called, “Fribbles.”


So, we stopped there and got some Fribbles, which were really yummy, but made me completely full. No more eating for me or the rest of us for that matter. And we thought we were already in Massachusetts when we were at Friendly’s, but we were actually in Connecticut.

The rest of the ride we listened to the Les Miserables soundtrack, Panic! at the Disco, and Pierce the Veil as we finished off our “Fribbles” and headed into Massachusetts (finally!).

And here we are. There’s snow on the ground (it’s deep too. My poor Nike’s are drenched) and I already got pegged by Bria and Caylin (the snowballs up here hurt like mess). 

So yeah. Such an adventure today. I’m really glad we made it though. I’m really just ready to take a shower and hit the hay…we got a championship basketball game to go to! So exciting! 🙂

Have a great night, y’all! Everyone at Covenant is on spring break right now, so I hope that everyone, whether they’re staying on campus or going somewhere fun, has an awesome, restful time!

Love ya!
*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

*Random Bits of SB 2013:

  • Me scaring Bria with my enormous belches. I don’t know why that’s happening all of a sudden…maybe it’s the food up here haha
  • Not being able to hear each other over the bass of the music #musicloverprobz
  • Eating. And eating. And eating…and never getting full. 
  • Trudging in some deep snow and tripping over everything in the dark
  • Getting pegged with snowballs by Bria and Caylin (I WILL get my revenge…)
  • Talking about going to all these haunted places. Shoot, if they want me to step foot anywhere near those places, they better be paying me something!
  • Getting somewhat attacked with love by Copper, the family dog. Maybe by the middle of the week we’ll get to know each other better and realize that Mishy needs her space every once in a while…

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