SB 2013 DAY 1: Basketball and Silent Hill Revolution


So, I went to bed at like 2am last night and woke up at 10:45am to go to AJ’s (Caylin and Corinne’s cousin) basketball game today. It was sooo good! And his team won! 🙂 I hadn’t seen a great basketball game in a while, and it was awesome to feel that high school school spirit in the air. 

After the game, Caylin and Corinne took pictures with AJ and Aunty Madeline took us home following Uncle Armmond…

…but then we lost Uncle Armmond on the highway, and Aunty Madeline was so hyped up about it that she stopped at McDonald’s and got us all small Mocha Frappes! YUM!!! (^^)

Pizza was ordered in honor of AJ’s win (btw, the Meat Lover’s pizza up here has HUGE, and I mean GIGANTIC chunks of meat in it! I could barely chew up one bite because they were so enormous!) and then we all gathered around the dinner table to decide what movie we wanted to watch (and surprisingly y’all, I actually wanted to watch a movie. Rarely do I ever. I’m just not a movie person…)

From all the trailers we were watching, it looked like we were leaning toward the horror genre. Corinne wanted to watch Taken 2 though, but was out-voted by everyone who wanted to watch something creepy and thriller-ish. Some suggestions were The Awakening, Silent Hill Revolution, ummm…other creepy movies that we hadn’t seen before…

But in the end, we settle on Silent Hill Revolution and buying ice cream and making sundaes. It was really great. The movie was really creepy and weird and had lots of blood and gore (what horror movie wouldn’t?), but the plot was confusing and unrealistic enough for me to probably not have nightmares about it. I do say, though, that if you don’t like seeing creepy-faced little girls, or creepy creatures in general…don’t watch it. 

And so yeah, that was pretty much our day. Crazy how fast it went by, and I’m praying that the rest of our spring break days won’t go by as fast. I want to really enjoy the time we have here, and I’m definitely sure we’ll have plenty of adventures here! 

Plus, I got to use the word “wicked” today, which has a different meaning up here than down in the South. “Wicked” up North means “cool” or in some cases “really.” For instance, Frank (wait, let me back up. Let me just go ahead and say that Caylin and Corinne have 3 cousins here: Frank, AJ, and Dominic)…

So, Frank asked AJ what a referee was telling him and AJ said, “Something wicked stupid like…” So in that instance, “wicked” was used to mean “really.”

Yep! It’s even more hilarious and awesome to use “wicked” because we’re gonna go see Wicked on Broadway Wednesday. 🙂 Super excited for that!

Well, I hope your day was awesome! 

Sneak-Peek of Tomorrow

  • Adventure to Lizzy Borden’s house (supposedly haunted and, if you mess with Mr. Borden’s money, you get shoved by a ghost. What?!) Will we encounter any spirits while we’re in this creepy place? Find out tomorrow… (Just so you know, I don’t believe in any ghosts or spirits but the Holy Spirit. So don’t think I’m being serious when I write about encountering anything…)
  • On top of that, we’re going to Salem, Massachusetts…yes, the same Salem as the Salem Witch trials…should be interesting…
  • Maybe Corinne will pop that camera out once more and take some “hipster pictures” of us out in the field that’s covered in snow or near the train tracks…or near the reservoir that used to be a town, but they flooded the area to create that reservoir…(LOL, can’t you tell Covenant has changed us?! We’re still thinking about being hipster, even up North…)
So, it looks like lots of creepy visits to creepy places tomorrow and then us trying to be hipster…and maybe we’ll end the day in the hot tub outside…yep. Sounds good to me…

Photos and Pictures and Snapshots, OH MY!

Speaking of Corinne popping her camera out, here are some pictures of the trip so far. Photo credit goes to Caylin, Corinne, and one picture was taken by Uncle Armmond. Hope you enjoy! 🙂 I promise I’ll try to take some pictures with my own camera tomorrow, but I’ll still probably be getting some pictures from Corinne’s camera too…

Caylin at breakfast in Roanoke.

New York City!!! Can’t wait til Wednesday!! 🙂

Me, being weird at Sheetz, the best gas station EVER!!!

Another great shot of NYC by Caylin. The sky is amazing, even if it is cloudy.

Corinne at Sheetz!

The George Washington Bridge. So awesome!

Bria and I in CT, I think. It wasn’t cold…felt like there was a beach breeze…

Duck-facin’ it and throwin the peace sign!

Using the atlas Pa gave me. He’d be so proud!

Caylin’s Chik-fil-A cow! 🙂

Weird pic of me in the backseat. (^^’)

Caylin’s awesome picture of herself.

Bria in the backseat. 
And finally, Corinne and Caylin with their cousin AJ afer his basketball game. Yay they won!!!

*Random Bits of SB 2013:

  • Hearing Aunty Madeline talk. I love it! Having a conversation with her is so intriguing and she doesn’t make things awkward. Talking to her for the rest of the week is gonna be awesome!
  • I think Copper (the family dog) has finally gotten used to us. And it’s only the 1st full day we’ve been here! He’s a really adorable dog, and he just wants to play. Maybe one of these days I’ll get the courage to stay in that middle area of the house and play with him. But for now, I’ll continue to kinda keep my distance…
  • Listening to dub-step in the car on the way to get a movie and ice cream…yes, dub-step has followed us up here…(thanks to Corinne and Frank. They love it, and so does Bria)
  • Watching Silent Hill Revolution and covering my eyes a lot of the time and snap-chatting Elle…apparently in South Carolina, there was a Just Dance 4 party goin on…looked like fun!! (^^)
Love ya!
*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

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