no ragrets.


Nice to be back! πŸ˜€

So, I thought May Term would be more chill than it actually was. By the end there, I was pretty stressed out and ready to just get everything over with. But all that hard work and reading and such got me an A in the class, so hey, I think doing that May Term was a good choice!

Now, I’m in California where I’ll be for the rest of the summer. And my sister and I will be job searching and doing something for a class we need for school and hopefully having some adventures too (I really want to drive down Highway 1 again and go to the beaches!).

Quite honestly, right now I have been feeling a lot of pressure with how this summer is going to go. I won’t go into details though, because I know that my worries and stresses are not as big as I make them seem, and that I really have no reason to worry. I just don’t want to have regrets about making the decision of being here this summer. I don’t want to sit around and not even try to make something of my summer, but I also want to spend some quality time with my family here when I can because it’s been aΒ really long time since I’ve been here. Not to mention, this is my last summer I have in between school years; I’m going to be aΒ SENIOR this fall, and after I graduate, I’ll be in the real world and no more summer vacations!

So, I want to make the most of the last summer vacation I have. I’ve talked to my friend Sarah and my stepmom Honey and my stepdad Pa about being in California for the summer. Pa told me to have no regrets about what I’ve chosen in my life. Sarah reminded me that whether I get the internship I applied for or not, that doesn’t guarantee whether or not I’ll get a job after graduation because God knows my desires, and He will provide exactly what I need and what’s best for me. And Honey reminded me of that same truth and that God provides the peace that passes all understanding, so I don’t have to worry about what this summer holds.

And so, as I sit on a couch with several tabs up on the internet about jobs and intercultural stuff for that class I’m taking in the fall, I am going to just take it one day at a time. Tomorrow my sister and I are going with Honey to the place that we’ll be volunteering at for our class, and maybe I’ll draw something else. Today I drew this:


So maybe I’ll try to draw something every day. I also want to start writing my memoir. After reading graphic memoirs for my graphic novels May Term and thinking back on how much has occurred in my life and how many people have been involved in my life, I truly want to write it. Maybe I can learn how to draw so I can make it into a graphic novel haha! We shall see.

I also hope to blog a whole lot more too, so hopefully that will happen! I want to try to see if I can vlog a little for you guys so you can get a different experience about what’s happening with me this summer! Otherwise, if you really want to find out what’s happening with me, I’m going to try to post a picture every day on Instagram. Just a snapshot representing what’s happened with my day. So follow me on Instagram at mishy_127

Okay I gotta go. We were supposed to go to the gym later tonight but apparently that’s not happening anymore sooooo I’m gonna try to look at more jobs and work on this memoir!

love ya!

Mishy ❀

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