Day 1 at Make-A-Wish

As always, it’s been a while. But of course, I always come back! 😀

Yesterday was my first day interning at the Make-A-WIsh Foundation in Sacramento. The day before, I was kind of nervous, but thankfully I wasn’t extremely worried. I’m starting to learn that worrying about something that hasn’t happened just isn’t healthy for me. I’m constantly trying to fight off the anxiety that’s had a grip on my life for so long.

My cousin Dani (short for “Danielle”) works at Make-A-Wish, so she’s able to bring me to the office every Tuesday for me to stay there for a full work day. Knowing that I was only going to be doing training stuff, my first day didn’t seem to scary. My supervisor Nichoel introduced me to many of her coworkers and a few of the other interns in the office. It’ll take some time for me to remember the names though.

Nichoel blew up some balloons for me and attached them to whatever chair I was going to be sitting in. There were some issues with the technology, so I was able to sit in Dani’s desk all day since she would be gone most of the day. Training required me sitting at the computer and watching/listening to videos and taking quizzes on them afterwards. So nothing scary at all. Just a little daunting haha.

I don’t want what I’m about to say next seem prideful, but I do want to share what was said about me by Nichoel because it honestly really encouraged me and gave me the confidence to tell myself that I was capable of interning there.

On the way to Sacramento, Dani told me that both of my supervisors, Nichoel and Sarah, had read the things that I’d attached to my resume and that they really liked my writing. Of course, I’ve heard other people say they’ve liked my writing, but those people were my family and friends. Not that I don’t trust their opinions, but they can be biased because it’s me, ya know?  So hearing that these people who I had practically no connection with say that my writing was good felt awesome.

And not only did I hear it from Dani, but I heard it from Nichoel herself. As she was introducing me to Michele (her supervisor, I think), she mentioned what I was interning for and said that after reading my writing, she and Sarah had to get me into Make-A-Wish somehow.

What??? I was thinking, They’ve got to realize that I’m not even done with my English major, right? That everything I’ve done has been me just throwing my writing out there and hoping for the best? Like, let’s be honest, I’m SUPER INSECURE about my writing, whether it’s on this blog or a paper for school or something for The Chattanoogan. I hate it when people read my writing, but then what’s the purpose of doing it if people aren’t going to read it?

To be validated in the gift that God has given me was so sweet. My insecurity within me dried up, and I was just BEAMING with happiness. The women at Make-A-Wish made me feel so welcome on my first day, and for that I am truly grateful! God definitely answered my prayers, and I cannot wait to be back in the office next week! 🙂

Also, as soon as I stepped foot in the Make-A-Wish building, The Office theme song was stuck in my head. Thank you, Patsy LOL.

So yeah, great first day yesterday!

And I cannot believe it’s July already. Like, what??? How is June gone? I’ve been enjoying myself here in California, though, spending time with my family and seeing different places. Tomorrow we’re going to San Francisco and I’ll hopefully meet up with Taylor and her family and also go to the aquarium! I cannot wait!

There was a week (I think it was last week) where I was really struggling about this summer and what I was doing and why I was here. But that’ll come in a separate post (hopefully the next one. If not the next one, then one in the future!).

I hope everyone’s having a rockin’ summer! If I don’t post something else in between now and the weekend, I hope y’all have an awesome Fourth of July weekend! It’s one of my favorite holidays because family + friends + good food + fireworks! And who doesn’t love all of that combined??


Mishy ❤

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