home sweet home.

Here I am, sitting at the bar of my family’s Tybee Island home, typing out the thoughts I’ve been having for the past few weeks.

It’s been a little over a week since I’ve graduated college. Finally, after all the late-nights of stressing, crying, worrying, praying, I have accomplished a giant feat. And here I am, sitting at the bar, doing something I love doing.

Have I done it? Have I achieved my dream of becoming a full-time blogger/freelance writer, and am able to be wherever I want to be and write and get paid for it? Has my vlog with my best friend Bria, Kicks and Skittles, kicked off, and we’re able to just make as many music vlogs as we want and get paid for it?

No. No, no. NO.

I’m sitting at the bar of my family’s Tybee Island home because I want to learn about and grow in many things. You’re probably thinking, You could always learn and grow in other places, and you’re right. But for my particular situation, I was being beckoned home.

A Little Backstory, Yeah?

I mean, it’s not much of one. During my college years while everyone was going back to their hometowns for the summer, I mostly stayed on the mountain near the school, living with my grandparents, working at the college or babysitting for people on the mountain.

Why didn’t I go home? Well, I went home the summer after my freshman year of college for just a couple of weeks before flying out to see my dad and stepmom in California, and what did I do? Stay up til 3am watching Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix. I did other things like meet with people from high school I hadn’t seen in a while, and I got new glasses that summer. But overall? I didn’t really do much.

And my brain needed that rest. I’m not saying binge-watching a television show is bad, but I did that because, during that time, my family was still living in the suburbs of Pooler, Georgia, where going outside in that 100 degree heat and humidity just to get the mail was out of the question. Shoot, simply going to Walmart was an endeavor.

So, I spent most of my summers at my grandparents’ house on the mountain. And I had the opportunity to do the same thing this summer, working at the college once again (this time with a higher wage) + a ton of my friends were going to be in town. It all seemed so appealing – financial stability, friendship, no more school to think about, what more could I ask for?

There’s More to Life than Dolla Bills

But everything changed when Pa called me, and told me that I was welcome to come home for the summer. They no longer live in suburbia Pooler, Georgia, but laid-back Tybee Island, Georgia, where the beach is literally a short walk away, local shops are a short bike-ride away, and life just seems to slow down completely. I’d recently been there with my friends for spring break, and I was never tempted to watch Netflix; there were better things to do, like actually be active.

And the more I thought about Pa’s offer versus what was being offered to me on the mountain, I realized just how valuable being home would be to me.

Did I have a job set up back at home? No.

Did I have friends back at home? Yes and no. Most of my friends would be near my grandparents’ house. Bria would be in Savannah, though!

Yet, I saw the potential in me being home for a few months…

  1. I’d take a break from the same ol’, same ol’. Seriously, I would have been on that mountain for basically four years straight. I think it’s time for a change of scenery
  2. Pa offered to teach me all the thingsOkay, not really, but while I’m home I’m learning things like how to run my own business, how to take pictures with my new digital camera I got as a graduation present, how to actually blog daily…
  3. I feel like I’ll grow as a person in general. If I were to stay at my grandparents’ house and work at the college again this summer, sure, I’d make some good money, save some money, spend some money. I’d work most of the day, and be extremely exhausted afterwards and want to just hang out with friends either by watching Netflix or by going out and spending the money I earned. Sounds fun, but am I learning anything or growing as a person at all? Also, am I spiritually growing any? I found that the summer that I did exactly what I just described, I grew a little in my faith. There was more drama than anything, but I wasn’t dependent on God in dealing with it or with my life. I was pretty blind that summer, it seems. Being home, I feel like I have more of an opportunity to focus on my priorities. I stil have work to do, but it won’t be as exhausting + it’ll be stuff I actually want to do.

So again…back to sitting at the bar at my family’s Tybee Island home…

Despite having that “financial stability” (especially with having to pay for student loans later), I knew that being home was going to provide so much more for me. And here I am.

I’m excited to see how God uses this time in my life. There are so many new things I have to think about, circumstances that I get to encounter and learn from, and I am eager to see how this summer plays out. I’m praying for God to move, and to show me where He needs me to be. Maybe this summer I’ll learn that all the things I wanted to do are things I’m not called to do. Or maybe He’ll confirm things for me, and show me that this is exactly what I need to be doing.

We shall see! I plan on blogging at least once a day about what’s been happening (again, SINCE I HAVE THE TIME!), so you can follow me on my summer adventures.

Maybe tomorrow will be a double-post day since I was supposed to blog about today, but had to do this intro post. Whatever, I’m babbling.

Here, look at some of the first photos I took on my new camera the other day! 😀 I’m a sucker for some Volkswagen Bugs and vans!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good night, luvvies! New adventures tomorrow!

Mishy ❤


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