1, 2, 3

I’m behind. So behind. Already.

Not behind in work, thankfully, but so much for me posting on the blog once a day! Lesson #39534094 about life: things sometimes don’t go as planned.

But I’m here now, right?! So lemme play catch-up for a few minutes…

Day 1

I can’t even come up with catchy titles right now. But I spent the morning walking on the beach because it was a gorgeous day already. I took my new camera I got for graduation out with me (should I name my camera? I know some people do. I’m not quite sure I have a relationship with it like that haha).

Suddenly, all these cute ways to display your photos on your blog have become available to me. I’m trying them all. Enjoy these circles. Maybe if you scroll over them a caption will appear? I’m not sure though. Give it a try!

***for the record, the second picture on the top row is of turtles, not turds. Just thought I should clarify.

This was not only my first full-day back on Tybee, but also my first day of working with Pa on the Tybee Island Bike Rentals business. My first assignment? Go on a bike ride, and get to know the island better. I don’t know about you, but that’s the best work assignment ever.

So, I spent the half the day doing that, and the last half documenting my experience. Did I take any pictures? No, but I did update my Snapchat, so *shameless plug* if you want to follow my summer on Tybee Island, I Snap pretty frequently. Add me at mishy_127. 😀

Back to the day!

I wrote up a nonfiction piece about my ride around the island, and then changed clothes to go to my high school to see my little sister play in her end-of-the-year piano recital. She did fantastic, of course. And the food afterwards was pretty good.

Day 2

It actually rained on the island.

I’d never seen it rain on Tybee, but boy, it was no joke.

I had to go back out again for work, this time I drove my car around trying to find specific houses to take pictures of them. Then afterwards, I wrote about my experience. Nothing super eventful happened, except I moved into the room I’ll be staying in all summer, and I realized…


A garage sale needs to happen so soon.

Day 3

That would be TODAY.

I spent the entire eight hours of work on the computer trying to make a map of the bike trails on the island. ‘Twas a success.

Kae’sha’s best friend, Carola, came over, and after dinner I invited them both to come with me to watch the sunset on the beach. I wanted to take some pictures too, and if they were there, they’d be some great subjects to take pictures of along with the sunset.

It was a great time, despite the noisy frogs near the turtle pond, the dead frog on the bridge, and the lack of beach breeze that caused all the sand gnats to come out.

I’m going to have to group these pictures somehow…

Here are “Pictures of Kae’sha and Carola that Remind Me of Real Friends for Some Reason”:


Next, “Adorkable Bestie” Pictures:


Then they actually stopped to pose for me…aren’t they cute? 🙂


Yeah, they are (These weren’t purposefully posed. At least, I don’t think they were…)


***The following pictures contain captions of quotes that were actually said while we were out there getting bit by sand gnats…

Carola: “And I said, ‘Someone please get him some Cheetos so he can shut up!’ “


Carola: “If I saw him right now, I’d be like, ‘Bye, y’all!’


Me: “There are 2 types of people on the beach…”








Me: “I just want to find a shark tooth…” Kae’sha: “Ate’, you can never find anything!”









Carola: “Did you know that people in England call cotton candy ‘fairy floss’?”










Me: (when the flash popped up on my camera) “Wow, we really had to do this. It probably blinded it for the rest of its life.”


Before I go to bed, I should probably post at least a few pictures of the sunset/the moon I took…

Awesome. I think I’ll go to bed now since it’s 1am.


Sweet dreams, luvvies!

Mishy ❤

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