My “Just Start Writing” Challenge

Jim Waller, a local Tybee Island author that I interviewed for my side blog, gave me some advice writer-to-writer:

“Just start writing. Even if it doesn’t make any sense, just start writing. And it’ll come to you. What I usually do is, I know where I wanna go; I know what the end is gonna be. I have a vague idea of where to start. And it’s the middle that, once you start, it’ll fill itself in, and really, if you know where you’re going, and know where to start…if writing is really in your soul, it’ll come out on the page. And that’s the best kind.”

The beginning of his advice really stuck with me… “Just start writing.”

And, I’ve done that before. I’ve started writing something, gained some momentum, and really saw a possible outcome for a good piece. But then a distraction occurs – like going to the bathroom – and I’ll come back to my notebook or laptop and wonder, “What in the world was I just doing?” Or, I’ll keep writing, and then get stuck, and then I end up with an unfinished blog post, story, character sketch. And that’s that. The inspiration is gone.

I explained in my last blog post that I don’t post consistently on my blog because I like to take my time, and process things instead of just slapping some words online. But the more I’m thinking about my writing, the more I’m realizing that sometimes slapping some words onto paper or furiously typing out something that immediately comes to mind can really produce something beautiful. It doesn’t mean I don’t proofread anything, or get Bria to read over it, or I simply speak whatever is on my mind without thinking about it. But I feel like I’ve been way too cautious about my writing for way too long, and I’m ready to take it to the next level.

So, after much thought, I’m going to challenge myself to a “Just Start Writing Challenge”: for one month (as of now), I’ll post something on my blog every day. Whatever comes to mind. It could be something profound, or it could be about why I chose to eat bologna that day instead of turkey. It could be a piece based off of a conversation I had with a friend, or literally me just filling the page with random thoughts that aren’t connected.

I know this is totally going against what I said in my last post, okay? But I feel like I really need this change. And I owe it to those who actually do follow my blog to get some consistent content up instead of waiting a month or two for something inspiring to come to me.

Not that there’s anything wrong with needing to feel inspired to write something. That’s literally how I’ve been writing for the longest time. I had a conversation with my cousin a couple of weeks ago about how we both needed to feel inspired before we could write something. And I still think that’s an effective way to write some good content.

It’s just time to get the circulation in my writing going again. And I’m hoping this challenge will help me do that.

I’m actually really excited about this, guys. I hope you are too! I think it’s going to be pretty fun.

Maybe I should start that as a hashtag for this… #JustStartWriting.

Yeah, that’s kinda cool.

❤ Mishy

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