my space…#JSW Season 2

I’ve made up my mind: I’m going to blog every day (except Sundays) like I used to back in 2016 when I began my #JustStartWriting challenge. Not “trying to” or “wanting to,” but GOING TO. DOING.

I would have started yesterday, but as I wrote my blog post, I was having trouble getting out what I wanted to say because I was way too worried about what it sounded like. Basically, I didn’t want to offend anyone, I didn’t want to get anything “politically incorrect,” and I didn’t want to sound a certain type of way for people who don’t know me personally to judge me off of that one blog post.

And if I’m being honest, that’s why I stopped blogging for a while; I wanted to write about certain topics, but as I started writing, I felt the need to continuously write side notes, by the ways, if’s/and’s/but’s… Basically, I was tired of trying to explain what I was trying to say without stepping on anybody’s toes, and, if any other bloggers/writing who are reading this know exactly what I mean, that gets exhausting. I mean, even in normal conversation, I’m sure everyone gets tired of having to explain exactly what they mean all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind clearing up a few things/thoughts if I can briefly express them in a short sentence or two. But sometimes having to take a whole paragraph or two to explain that I don’t mean something in a certain way just discourages me from finishing blog posts. So I feel like there are SO many blog posts in my drafts that have good ideas, but are unfinished due to this.

Well, starting today, I say, NO MORE!

Because I’ve cared way too much about other’s opinions of what I’m writing when, in fact, this is MY space to write MY thoughts down! And if someone disagrees or has a thought, then the comments is a space where they can place their thoughts, and what I do with that information is completely up to me.

And after reading my very first #JustStartWriting challenge post when I decided to do this for only a month (which turned into like 3-4 months!), the whole point was for me to just blog…to just write. Whatever came to my mind, or whatever inspired me that day. And I’m excited to get back to that.

So, with that being said: hello, blog! I’ve missed you immensely. I’ve felt the need to return to you as I’m continuing on with this journey of mine: being a creative navigating adulthood, expressing my feelings and encouraging others through different media.

To my readers who are bloggers: have you ever felt the need to over-explain yourself in you blog? How did you overcome it? How did it affect your writing before/after you overcame it?

To my readers who are, well, readers: what kind of blog content interests you? What allows you to continue reading and what causes you to stop mid-paragraph and close out the tab?

Mishy 🦋

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