“White Fireworks” – A Nostalgic Post

“When white fireworks erupt, and my heart is whole again.” – The Rocket Summer

Why not a little fun post, yeah?

A few weeks ago, I went to a Savannah Bananas baseball game (yes, that’s actually the name of the baseball team), and after an awesome win, there was a fireworks show.

They’re funny things, fireworks; something about exploding lights in the sky just brings out the awe and wonder in a person, whether you’re ten-years-old or twenty-one. I thought this in my mind, and Kae’sha, my sister, said it aloud to me after the fireworks were over.

But as I watched the awesome display, I got all nostalgic…

Covenant College Homecomings

My college homecoming weekends were pretty memorable. Mostly the times during or after the fireworks show.

My freshman year, after the homecoming game + fireworks, I was walking toward campus with some friends, and tripped over an invisible wire that was holding up some homecoming flag or banner. The lot was gravel back then (and maybe it still is, or they’ve paved it at this point), but I ate that gravel so hard. How embarrassing, especially since it was my freshman year, and during that time I was still sort of making first impressions with people.

But hey, I got a piggy-back ride from a guy friend all the way back to my dorm building, and didn’t have to deal with the walk back up.

Junior year, Bria and I had to leave the fireworks show early for some reason I can’t remember. Or maybe we were trying to find a better spot to watch them. And maybe there were other people there with us? Either way, we somehow ended up on the intramural field, where the fireworks looked MASSIVE. And we were having a blast watching them. Until…

“What was that?” I asked when something hit the field. Then more things started falling from the sky, and that’s when Bria and I realized that debris from the fireworks was falling straight onto the intramural field, around us. AT US.

When I write it out, it doesn’t seem like an extreme situation, but I remember Bria and I running through the field, I think I was screaming…or maybe we both were…because I’m pretty sure we were afraid some giant piece of firework trash was going to conk us on the head.

Maybe we were being a bit dramatic haha…

4th of Julys on the Mountain

Ahh yes.

The Fourth of July always seemed to drag by as my friends and I waited all day for the neighborhood-wide picnic, and the small fireworks display put on by the neighbors themselves.

It was nothing fancy, but I remember loving it growing up. And when I got older, I still enjoyed it, mostly because I got to be with all my friends.

On the side of the Davis’ house was a slanted, grassy hill, where we’d begin to claim our spot for the fireworks show by placing several blankets down for us to sit on so our legs wouldn’t get itchy from the grass.  From where we sat, we had a perfect view of the basketball hoop, where the fireworks would be set off.

While some of us were setting up, the rest of us would be at the Miller’s house popping popcorn and grabbing other snacks and water bottles for everyone. A couple of us would journey down to my grandparents’ house because that’s where all the sodas – cherry Coke, Mello Yellow, Sprite, etc. – were stashed, and of course, we’d all want one of those before we drank any water.

We’d sit there as the sun set, and the street lights came on, taking pictures and playing games to make the time go by. Few people would begin to come out of their homes with blankets and chairs to set up in different spots along the street.

If I recall correctly, the fireworks didn’t start until maybe 10:30 or 11.

And when they started, they weren’t half bad. Most would take to the sky, while a few would shoot off toward driveways, toward people. Hey, nothing’s perfect.

California Rooftops

Instead of going to the central area where the fireworks would be set off, Papa came up with the idea of sitting on top of his auto shop’s roof, and watching them from a distance.

I was excited, kind of nervous about having to climb a couple of ladders to get up to the roof, but excited nonetheless. I was proud of myself, and of my dad for climbing those ladders. I know he wasn’t really in his element, but he sacrificed his comfort for me and my sister, and that was really cool.

My Aunt Holly was also there, and she provided some music for us to listen to as the fireworks show began. Not only did we get to watch the fireworks, but we also got to watch the sunset.


There are probably other things and moments in my life I could think of when thinking of fireworks, but those three events are the first things that come to mind.

And when I remember moments like these, it reminds me just how full and eventful my life has truly been. Things don’t have to be extravagant to make an impression on you.


❤ Mishy

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