Thinking/Dreaming vs. Doing

I dedicate this post to Faith Preston and Nabil Ince aka Seaux Chill, two people who are always encouraging me in regards to doing the things I love, reminding me of who I am, pushing me to do and to make moves. Y’all are a couple of people out of the many who remind me that I have something amazing to offer, even though I sometimes don’t feel like I do.

Couldn’t help but think of you two as I wrote this. True homies, you are.


Guys, it’s hard to focus sometimes.

You ever get stuck? In thoughts about the past, or thoughts about what could happen in the future? Or even thoughts about something you said or did that you regret. I do sometimes, and it totally stops everything that I’m supposed to be currently doing in its tracks. I become unmotivated to do my work, or to even do the things I enjoy because I’m so stuck in my thoughts.

Thinking isn’t a bad thing. People always say, “Think before you speak.” Thinking produces a lot of great ideas; well-thought-out plans develop into amazing products.

The only problem with thinking is staying there. And that’s the trouble I have with it sometimes.

I always want to think, and I rarely want to do, mostly because of fear.

This is another reason why I started doing these #JustStartWriting posts: I was so stuck in thinking, in only needing to be inspired, in being afraid that what I was saying didn’t make sense, that I was never doing. And now I’m pushing myself to transform my thinking into doing; to force all the thoughts I have in my head onto the page, even if what I’m thinking kinda doesn’t make sense.

Like, you have no idea, NO IDEA, how many drafts I have of potential blog posts, stories, poems, etc. that I could finish. But that requires doing. And tons of thinking beforehand as well!

So maybe I’m just lazy. We’re all lazy sometimes in our lives, but it’s time to move past it. I need to make a plan of action and execute.

Think, get over thinking, and move on to doing the things I was thinking about.

As Shonda Rhimes would say, “Don’t be a dreamer (thinker), be a DOER.”

But I don’t want my doing to stop with #JustStartWriting. I want my doing to pour into everything I do. Isn’t it strange that sometimes doing something requires acknowledging the doing? Does that make sense? I’m not sure if what I just wrote even makes sense to me haha…

Like, sometimes we do things without realizing that we’re doing them. Routines and habits are like this. We do things without thinking about them because we’ve done them for so long that we no longer require thinking about what we’re doing.

So…thinking about it like that…I guess I want my active and aware doing to become more routine- and habit-doing because I wouldn’t be so stuck on thinking as much. Because routine- and habit-doing are a result of initial thoughts (thinking) that are no longer needed over time because it all becomes natural and you just…do.

What do you guys think? Does that make sense? I’m not sure if it does. It’s kinda late, and I’m sorta just fumbling my way through this, to be honest.

I’m not claiming to be a philosopher on the subject either, I’m just putting all of this out there.

The process from thinking to doing requires a lot of courage, though, I can say that.

Honestly, as I type this, I’m kind of nervous. I feel like this is the first post in the #JustStartWriting series in which I am wandering around in my thoughts more than in the other posts. My perfectionist self is screaming at me, You’re not making any sense! Where is the point in this?? Don’t post this. DON’T YOU DARE POST THIS!!!

BUT HEY…as I wander in these thoughts, I am still doing; my fingers are still punching the keyboard keys, my mind is still going, and I am pushing myself to finish this post, because of this challenge.

Sometimes the process from thinking to doing requires pushing your limits. Fear, over-thinking, and sleep are limits I’m fighting (although, I wouldn’t mind having more sleep these days haha).

How to end this? Let’s see…

Thinking/dreaming are great. You want to think about things before doing them because that’s just a wise thing to do. Trust me, I did think about this post before I started writing it. The ending is just giving me a little trouble, okay? Bear with me.

And I didn’t spend too much time on dreaming, but dreaming about what you’d like to become someday is great too. You wanna think and dream about who you want to be, what you wanna do, where you wanna go.

Unfortunately, thinking and dreaming don’t automatically make things happen.

And if you really want your thoughts and dreams to come true, then you will hopefully gain the courage to do without getting too stuck in thinking. Of course, doing doesn’t guarantee that your thoughts and dreams will happen.

But it’s better to try and do, and to find out whether what you were thinking was possible, than to sit in your thoughts and wonder: If I’d tried to make a move here or tried to do something there, would something have happened?

Yeah? Cool.


I’m writing this the night before. I’ve got laundry in the washer I need to switch to the dryer. My eyes are starting to hurt. I need to go to bed. Maybe when I proofread in the morning, I can clean this up a bit, yeah?


*morning proofread report (I’m doing this 8 minutes before this needs to be posted lol): I think what I wrote is okay. Well, I’m gonna post it. Because I have to haha. Just hoping it makes sense!

Here goes…


❤ Mishy

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