Exciting Things.

Exciting things have been happening lately, guys.

I’m currently doing laundry (again) because I want to have my options open for what outfits I’m going to wear this weekend when I’m out of town for my sister’s birthday weekend. The laundry wasn’t the exciting thing…the road trip, however, is.

I haven’t been in Chattanooga since July 4th, which isn’t too long ago, but it’s probably one of the longest times I’ve been away from that city since I attended college there. It’ll be really good to go back, even if just for a weekend.

Anyways, other exciting things include…

Fixing My Car Problems.

I may not know exactly what’s going on with my air conditioning right now, but the crushed muffler Cupcake’s had for about a year now has FINALLY been fixed! That, and my brakes are on point.

And the best part? I saved SO MUCH MONEY because I did it myself, with help from Pa. Honestly, I feel so accomplished.

A New Job.

I told y’all in my last post about my new job. Yes, there’s still some remnants of nervousness about it left in my mind, but overall, it’ll be exciting to start something new this fall! Despite having to fill out a TON of paperwork, my excitement about this opportunity is increasing!

My Sister’s Birthday Week

Even though it’s not my birthday, I’ve had so much fun this week celebrating my sister. This year will be her golden birthday (for those who don’t know, your Golden Birthday is when you’re turning the age that you’re birth day is on. So, Kae’sha is turning 20 on August 20th), and it’s been great surprising her with an early visit from her past roommate and current friend Kerri.

Seeing that this is my last week working from home, it’s been fun to see things in the house shake up with Kerri around. And Carola, Kae’sha’s other good friend, was over today hanging out, and we all went out to dinner tonight, and Kae’sha got to open her presents and eat cake and stuff.

It makes me happy to see her happy. And it makes me realize how much I’m going to miss having her around when I leave Chattanooga to come back home without her this Sunday.

But I won’t think of such things just yet! We still have a whole weekend to have fun, and it’s going to be a blast. That’s another thing I need to do…make sure my camera is charged for this weekend…

Honestly, I feel like those are the only major things to cause excitement right now. But I’ve just been having a more optimistic view of life right now, which is an awesome turn around from earlier this week with all of the anxiety I was feeling.


I have this awesome online writing opportunity (I mean, other than this blog lol). It seems super chill and lowkey as of now, but I was invited to participate in it, and it’ll be cool once I read more of the details to see how it’ll just get my writing out there for different audiences.

Now that I’ve raved about all the cool and fun things happening in my life, it’s your turn. Sorry if this post sounds like I’m just bragging about everything happening in my life, but things are on the up and up, and I’m just really happy about it all.


Are you excited about anything in particular? What’s been your good news this week? What have you done this week that made you feel accomplished?


❤ Mishy

One thought on “Exciting Things.

  1. SeauxChill

    I been hella sick this week and I’m finally back to operational. No more laying in bed most of the day. I can work on my game plan more. And honestly I value being healthy so much now. I never fully appreciated being able to be healthy enough to get done daily tasks with ease. There’s no feeling of helplessness like laying down in bed in full body pain not being able to escape that pain. It’s the worst lol. Praise God for health.

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