Thank You, Lord.

Whew, so I am not feeling well right now as I write this, guys.

But, of course, I’m still going to write to y’all! I have an update that I’d like to share about what’s been going on. I think I vaguely touched on it in yesterday’s post.

This weekend, I’m going out of town with my sister and her really good friends for her birthday. She moves back into school next Tuesday, and I was planning on staying in town for that to help her move + see my friends who are still attending school too. But, the Lord opened a door for me, which won’t allow me to stay until next Tuesday…

I got a new job. Well, it’s an internship, but a paid one. And I am excited + nervous + all of the above, and I have to start next Monday. Which means this is my last week working for my parents, and doing the whole island bike rental business. Like I said, change happens so fast. All of this occurred within a couple of days. Imagine what can happen in a couple of months or a year.

As much as I’ve had anxiety this week, and even over the course of the summer about my future plans, what would happen to me after the summer, seriously, I have no one to thank but God. You can’t tell me He doesn’t know or care about the needs of His children. I never expected to have something lined up for the next few months, but God showed up right on time – just as my sister is leaving to go back to school, just when the bike rental season is slowing down, and just when I was beginning to wonder what was to become of me, and the things I love to do.

Things like this don’t happen by accident.

And I can only sit here and type out my gratitude in awe. Thank You, Lord.

Now, just because I got a full-time internship doesn’t mean #JustStartWriting is over! I’ll still be doing this plus hopefully starting on other creative things on the side. I’ve been feeling inspired by some friends of mine, and some ideas have been forming in my head.

I actually just took a break from writing this post to begin something else. Things are getting exciting up in here!

Now, since I write these posts (or most of these posts) the night before, it’s like midnight right now, and I have to be at work earlier than usual tomorrow.

Okay, so maybe I’ll just keep asking some interactive questions at the end of each post in hopes that someone will answer in the comments. Like, I said, I always read them. I look forward to hearing other people’s thoughts. And you don’t have to be extremely specific; privacy is respected here. Remember…No Judgment Zone:

What’s something that’s happened to you recently? Did it change a ton of stuff in your life? Are you excited, nervous, both? Who do you have to thank for where you are in your life right now? 


❤ Mishy


One thought on “Thank You, Lord.

  1. SeauxChill

    I wanna thank my parental unit. Really anyone who prayed for me but I know the levels of love they have for me and how much they are dedicated to prayer for me and my siblings daily. Through my life I haven’t always made the wisest decisions and God always been there with grace and protection. I know my parents prayers had lots to do with that.

    I’m not really nervous about what’s coming up. More so excited and confident. The Lord not gon let His work fail and I feel more than anything even though I am pursuing music the whole goal of it all is to help the youth and I know that’s something the Lord smiles at. So I’m gucci haha. I also just got out of a sort of battle that I been dealing with for the past 2 years so I’m pretty clear headed right now. The prayer is when another storm comes this mindset stays the same 😫😫😫

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