“Golden Days”

Yesterday was my sister’s Golden Birthday (she turned 20 on the 20th of August). And it was SUCH a great day. You know it’s a great birthday when you’re enjoying yourself, and it isn’t your own birthday!

Some of you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, so you got the gist of what our day consisted of. But to those who don’t know, here we go!


Our adventures began at Mojo Burrito where we met up with Kyle (because it was also his birthday), Nathan, and Jimmy. We all got food, and sat around on the porch outside, catching up and laughing. 
We snapped a picture of the crew before we dispersed…

Unfortunately, for the second time this week, my car battery died because I forgot to turn my headlights off. But thankfully, Jimmy hadn’t left the parking lot yet, and jumped my car. 

Good ole, Jimmy. Always reliable when it comes to a car emergency. 


After getting a jump from Jimmy, we headed back up the mountain to gather a few things before we headed into downtown Chattanooga, and then off to Nashville. 

Kae’sha also got to open presents, and blow out the candles on her birthday brownies.

Her gifts? Textbooks for this upcoming fall, which is what she actually wanted. She also got some other things too, like a new laptop AYEEE.


We all piled into Kerri’s car, and made our way to Standard Ink, where Kae’sha got her septum pierced. She looks SO CUTE.

Once we were done at Standard Ink, we walked to Clumpie’s for ice cream, then went into a few thrift stores just to check some stuff out.

After that, it was time to make a journey…


We drove two hours to Nashville to go to The Soda Parlor, which was started by famous YouTuber Olan Rogers. He was throwing a “move-out party” because The Soda Parlor will be moving to a bigger location, which is super exciting!

As soon as we got there, we got into the long-ish line, unsure of what the line was actually for. Once we got through the Soda Parlor’s doors, we could see the video games, tshirts, and tables. There were A TON of people there. 

We continued to move ahead in the line, browsing the shirt selection for potential buys, and as we got closer to the back of the parlor, we realized that the line was for free soda floats!

AND as soon as we were a couple of people away from the counter, OLAN ROGERS COMES THROUGH A DOOR BEHIND THE COUNTER, AND EVERYONE STARTS CHEERING.

It was perfect timing. We ordered free floats, we got to meet Olan and take pictures with him. We took pictures of each other outside. It was great.

After taking pictures, we figured we’d have a look at the shirts, buy some things, and then walk around Nashville to find something to eat.

But as we walked back inside, we noticed people with plates of large, deep-dish pepperoni pizzas in their hands, and we wondered, Is that free? Is it part of the move-out party? Where can we get this delicious-looking pizza?

We found the pizza being handed for free down the hallway, and we made our way toward the line. Free pizza and floats? Meeting Olan? Then we were buying tshirts? Sounds like a good time spent in Nashville to me!

After we ate and bought shirts, we made our way back to Chatt. For some reason, the trip back seemed shorter than the trip there…

We ended the night lying around in our beds, soaking up what had occurred throughout the day. 

It was pretty epic. A Golden Birthday well spent!

Have you had your Golden Birthday already? If so, did you know it was occurring? If you don’t remember your Golden Birthday, what was your most memorable birthday; what did you do? 

Have you ever experienced an amazing time because you focused on making another person’s day special?


❤ Mishy

One thought on ““Golden Days”

  1. SeauxChill

    lol my birthday falls on a third of the month so I don’t remember *tears* …. for me birthdays aren’t that big of a deal. I prefer not doing nothing special. Just another day for me. Receiving love from all the peoples through HBD wishes is cool enough for me.

    Making other people feel great is hella fun tho. Knowing someone else feels loved is major… in this world, those be the moments that get us through when ish not looking up.

    Liked by 1 person

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