On Updates, Growing Up, and Aiming High


Today, I started my new job, YAY! It was a pretty decent day. Got oriented, met some cool people who took me out to lunch, got to do a little work alongside my new desk trinkets…you can just place me in an episode of The Office.

As I lived throughout my great day, I also thought about the way things used to be…you know, when I was working for my family this summer. And it’s just so strange to think about.

I went from being able to sleep in/lay around in bed until 8-something, to having to possibly get up at 5:30am. Instead of an hour lunch break, I get 30 minutes (which isn’t me complaining, just stating facts). I don’t get to watch Bones with Mom during my lunch break. And now every time I hear the “Old Phone” ringtone on someones iPhone, I think it’s the Tybee Island Bike Rental phone, and I’m tempted to run, grab that phone, and answer it with a chipper, “Tybee Island Bike Rentals, how may I help you?”

So insane. But things are good. I’ve been blessed, and I am grateful, and will keep moving forward. I honestly feel so “grown up” in this job. Isn’t that crazy to think about?

Like, what defines being “grown up”? Is it not living with your parents anymore? Paying your own phone bill? Going grocery shopping by yourself? No longer being under an eduction system? We equate these things to “adulting.” Is “adulting” the same thing as “being grown up”?

Because I’ll tell you what, I may pay for my own gas, and sometimes food, but I still live with my parents. I don’t go to school anymore. Yeah, I depend upon my parents right now for living, does that make me any less of an adult or any less “grown up”? Grown-ups need help too sometimes.

I feel like I may be reiterating what I said in an earlier blog post, but still, because I am where I am right now, these thoughts are constantly swirling in my head.

I’m starting to accept that not knowing everything right now, and not having everything figured out is okay. In fact, it can be quite an adventure.

I have this internship for the next three months. Which means, I have the next three months to plan my next move. And that move could be anything. Okay, maybe I can’t become famous overnight or anything like thatBUT just think…

In three months, I could move back to Chattanooga, and have a job lined up there.

Or I could become a flight attendant, and be traveling all over the world, all while I serve you your complimentary drink in your squished window seat on a Delta flight.

Or, I could be a vagabond; just sell most of my stuff, have just enough to fit in my car, take my money with me, and just drive. No career goals there, but hey, what kind of commitments do I actually have?

Okay, you got me there…Student loans. So, maybe I can’t go all vagabond. Darn.

But, there are still a ton of possibilities out there. I could totally go out and have a million different types of jobs, all because I wanted to try them all out because, even though I know a general idea of what I wanna do (i.e. WRITE), it may take working at an ice cream shop, or at Delta, or at a 3-month internship to help me realize what truly sets my heart ablaze. What lights my passion all the way up.

And that, my friends, is an exciting journey. One I am willing to pursue, even if it may go kinda slow at first.

Ahh, who am I kidding, if summer went by this fast, then this internship is gonna be over by tomorrow haha.

Time to start thinking, scheming, planning, and making moves.

Current mood: the sky’s the limit.

Shoot, I honestly feel like there is no limit.


❤ Mishy

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