Class of “OH-12”!

I know, I barely wrote my last post in time to keep my #JustKeepWriting thing going! I’m cutting it close again today lol, and I’m sorry! I’ve got to learn how to organize myself with this new job.

Anyways…for the next #ObjectsTellTales, we’re going back in time…

…to high school.

Some of you probably got High School Musical stuck in your head (“We’re all in this together!”). I’ve got the freaking One Tree HIll theme stuck in my head (“I DON’T WANNA BE ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT I’VE BEEN TRYNA BE LATELY…”)

So we’re going back to junior year, the wonderful time when juniors get to pick out their class rings. I can remember flipping through the Jostens catalog, the glossy pages displaying flashy rings that I longed to have. I even went online and customized ring after ring to find the perfect one.

But let’s be real…that stuff is EXPENSIVE.

I remember being worried that I wouldn’t be able to even get a class ring. I didn’t want anything too big, but I also didn’t want it to be simple. At the time, this was a big deal; I didn’t want to be the only person in my class without a class ring. It was supposed to be something I bonded with my class over, and I didn’t wanna miss out on that.

Pa, knowing my concern, did some research, and we picked out the perfect ring – my ring is called “Blue Isle.” It’s made of a metal called white lustrium. The gemstone is my birthstone, blue topaz, and the sides of the ring have hearts, each side with a cubic zirconium stone; the numbers “20” written on one side, the other side with the numbers “12.” It was perfect. And it still is.

Okay, minus the fact that one of those cubic zircon or whatever they’re called has fallen off it haha.

But I wear that thing every day. Why? I don’t know, it just…fits there now.

Does every high school do the whole “turn the ring however many times one way, then let that one special person turn it toward you heart” thing? Yeah, we did that.

When I saw Hawk Nelson with my sister, we actually met them, and I got Jason Dunn to turn it for me. A lot of cool people turned that ring, and I wrote them all down, but that list is long gone. I’ve got no idea where that thing is.

But I got my stepdad to make the last turn toward my heart. Because he’s the one who made it possible for me to even have that ring.

Maybe I still wear it because I was always told that I would never wear it after high school. Well, GUESS WHAT, SUCKAS, I STILL WEAR THAT THING. EVERY DAY. AND I’VE GRADUATED COLLEGE AT THIS POINT. Probably because it doesn’t look like a class ring.

Sorry, this is a tad bit rushed. I need to be in bed. I am even more sleep deprived than I was when I started this thing. Not to mention, I’m busy trying to get to season 5 of One Tree Hill. *nervous laughter*

Did I mention that my classmates and I said we were graduating in the year “oh-twelve”? Yes, we did. You can’t say “oh-eleven” or “oh-thirteen.” Our year was perfect for it.

Halfway done with the rings portion of this! I’ll write about the next jewelry piece, and it’s story tomorrow.



❤ Mishy

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