It’s only appropriate to start from the beginning…


The first ring I ever got was this sterling silver ring that had HOPE engraved on it all around. My mom gave it to me when I was thirteen.

It was actually hers. She owned three of them: one that said HOPE, one that said FAITH, and one that said LOVE

My mom gave the ring to me, telling me that she always wanted to give each of her daughters a ring when we were old enough. Annabelle was a baby at the time, so Mom gave Kae’sha and I each a ring. Kae’sha got FAITH. I got HOPE.

Never did I realize, until I got older, how much the word “hope” would really mean to me. With worries and anxiety that followed me all throughout middle and high school, and even through college, doubt was always creeping right behind. Doubt that positive things would happen. Doubt that things would get better. Doubt about a lot of things; way too many things to even type out. Y’all already know; I’ve blogged about it before.

But my HOPE is in the Lord.

It’s not much of a story, but I find it fascinating how, even long before I knew that “hope” would be a big deal to me, I was given a physical reminder that I wear every day of exactly what I needed, and what I still need.

#JustStartWriting #ObjectsTellTales

❤ Mishy

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