Unfinished Business.

It’s a Thursday night. Last night of this week that I’m going to have to wake up early. Actually, no, that’s not right – Saturday morning, I’ll be up early, heading out of town to see my sister and my friends for Labor Day weekend, and I’m excited!

Lately with my new job, I’ve been struggling trying to adjust my schedule of how I can do all the things I love to do. I’ve got a ton of things that are unfinished right now – The Sisters are Alright, a couple of art and writing projects, Stranger Things (I KNOW IT’S ONLY EIGHT EPISODES, GIVE ME A BREAK, ONE TREE HILL HASN’T SHOWN ME ANY MERCY). I’ve been a little down about not finishing these things. I don’t resent my current job for it, but I want to do better at keeping a standard schedule so I can finish things.

I need motivation to finish these things too. After work and a good workout, I’m so beat I just want to lie around for the rest of the night.

Any ideas, guys? I’m trying to do the things I need to do – go to bed at a decent time, work out, blog every day so I can keep my promise. I want to relax my mind so I can prepare for the next day too. But how do I do all that, and still get up to have enough time in the morning to do my devotions, eat breakfast, make sure my car is okay for the drive to work?

I’m in need of some major help. Seriously, if you have any  advice, I’ll gladly take it.

Now, it’s 10 o’clock, and it’s kinda too late for me to get a really good night’s sleep because I’m going to finish this episode of Stranger Things, and probably eat a bowl of cereal while I listen to music and the rain outside (there’s supposed to be a tropical storm or something coming through tonight and tomorrow morning. The rain has already begun).

To those celebrating Labor Day weekend with no work on Monday, have a great three-day weekend! I get off of work early tomorrow, which gives me more time to workout and pack for my trip (and hopefully get some bubble tea for motivation).


❤ Mishy

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