“Summer Goes…”

I realized yesterday that this weekend is my last summer weekend on the island. Because next weekend, I’ll be back in Chattanooga for my alma mater’s homecoming, and the weekend after, it’ll officially be autumn. And the fact that summer is ACTUALLY coming to a close is breaking my heart.

I know what most of you are thinking: it’s too dang hot, you’ve already had ten PSLs (pumpkin spice lattes, for those who don’t know), and you’ve been trying to wear your favorite hoodie since July. Most people are ready for the cold weather to hit, and for all the fun holidays to start rolling around.

Not that I’m not excited for that stuff. Summer is just my prime season. I’ve said this before; I just have some great memories and fun times during the summer. My favorite clothes are ones I can wear in the spring and summer time. I AM FREAKING BEACH TRASH – yeah, the sand gets on my nerves sometimes, but that doesn’t make me love the beach any less.

So today, I made it my mission to get outside of the house, and enjoy some summer time activities. I even wore one of my favorite surf shirts with my hole-y shorts, a major summer outfit of mine…


After doing my devotions and eating breakfast, I rode to the post office with Annabelle to send off some letters. Around lunch time, Mom and I drove out to A&T’s Breakfast Cafe for lunch and boba tea on me. We then went to Target to get some things we needed + I got a new read that I am EXTREMELY excited about.

Once we go home, I read on the porch swing until my mom invited me to the pool with her and Annie. I’m not much of a pool person minus the fact that I’ll sit on a lounge chair and read, so that’s exactly what I did. I finally finished The Sisters are Alright, and I’m compiling some notes and quotes so I can write a book review to post soon!

Here’s a photo of what my day mostly consisted of: the book I just finished reading, the book I just bought at Target that I have yet to read, and yes, I’ve been jamming to “Angels” by Chance the Rapper basically all day haha


I actually didn’t go to the beach today, but I hope to conquer that tomorrow after church, and get some good photos of the coast in its last summer days.

And here I am, actually writing this post before 11:30pm, so I don’t have to rush to write. That’s two goals for #JSW, Month 2 MET.

In fact, I actually reached out to a girl I know who’s been wanting to start some writing, and has asked me for advice before. I feel terrible for not keeping up with her, and asking her about the progress of that process, so I am trying to make an effort to involve more people in this process.

Wow. Am I done? Before 11pm? That’s a first in a while.

And I shall end this post with some lyrics from The Almost’s “Summer, Summer” from their album Monster Monster. I miss that band a ton. And this song totally portrays how I feel about summer leaving:

“Summer comes,

And leaves you with a fever that you caught when you were young.

Summer goes,

And makes you feel like life is reeling, 

Hanging on for more.”

Okay, I won’t end with that. Too depressing. Even though I am sad that summer is ending, I will say I’m excited to see what the end of the year holds. Change is exciting, and with change of the seasons come changes in circumstances, habits, careers, goals. This summer holds a lot of things – great memories, hard times, lessons learned. I am thankful to be able to take what I learned through this season, and utilize it for the next.

So, I won’t pout for too long about the end of summer. I look forward to living in the fall to come.

…but I’m also going to be living in the present, and enjoying this shorts and tank top weather while I can!

How have you been feeling about summer ending? Are you ready for fall to begin? What were some great things you learned in this season that you’re ready to bring into the next?


❤ Mishy

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