Mixtape Madness


My original post is now postponed until tomorrow because I needed to discuss things with my editor (aka Bria). I had some ideas to toss around, and I still need some time to write.

So, I’m going to talk about…MUSIC!

I know, I was supposed to go to the beach and read today. And take pictures. And post them. But I had to do some laundry, and I realized that I’m leaving for Chattanooga in like 4 DAYS, so I was kind of getting stuff ready.

But then I got distracted, and ended up organizing my iTunes, downloading more music, and making a mixtape.

Can I just say…making a mixtape is hard. At least it is for me. There are so many good songs out there, and even though my iTunes is pretty lit, I know there would be tons of other songs that would be perfect on a specific mixtape that I can’t just buy. And I’m not all about downloading music for free so, yeah.

I think I did a good job? I’ll be listening to it for a little bit on my road trip this weekend. Maybe I’ll get some feedback on it later, and letcha know how it goes.

I actually started listening to it a little on my own, and realized there is this type of flow I see happening. I’m hoping it’s not just me.

I’m probably overthinking it. It should be fine…

Have you ever created something, and felt self-conscious about it? If you had to give it to someone, did you contemplate telling them about it to force you to give it to them, or just keep it a secret, and contemplate it on your own?


What do you think makes a good mixtape? Common theme? Common genres? What are some good mixtapes you’ve heard recently? (PLEASE SEND THEM MY WAY, I NEED NEW MUSIC). 

Tomorrow’s post will hopefully meet more goals than today’s. So sorry about this lol. Still learning, still growing!


❤ Mishy

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