I Wasn’t Expecting to Be Out This Late.

I seriously just sat down after coming into my house with my friend Addie. It’s been a long day. But I say that in a good way.

I went to work. It was Monday. But I was so busy that the day went by super quickly, and before I knew it, I was on my way to Addie’s house. We were going to go on an adventure this time around. Normally, I would pick her up, and we’d head to the YMCA, and walk around the trails there for an hour.

Today, we went all over the place.

First to GoodWill, so she could find a dress for her cousin’s wedding this weekend. I must say, we succeeded. She’s going to look like something from The Addams Family. Totally her.

Next, we headed to Walmart to cash a check, and then downtown to my church. Tonight was the first night of the college-age group, and with intimidated and shy hearts, we approached the Savannah Theater to “The Block” (that’s the name of the college group).

Long story short, it was really good. The people were awesome, the message was great. It was nice to see people being so vulnerable during the Q&A session. It ran a little longer than expected, though, so Addie and I had to bust our butts toward Fire Street Food all the while exchanging emails with Pastor Grant.

With ten minutes to closing, we became those people. And I felt so bad. But I was also so hungry.

And I sit in my bedroom, still needing to take a shower, but fully content with my stomach full of sushi and mango Boba tea. I have work in the morning. YING.

Either tomorrow or the next day, I’ll post up that book review I keep talking about. I promise, I have started on it. But The Block is meeting again tomorrow, this time at Mellow Mushroom for trivia, and I’m not sure if I’m going or not. Don’t get me wrong, I want to go; but my grandparents are coming in a couple of days. And my room is  W R E C K.

Not to mention, I still need to get myself ready for a road trip this weekend.

But it’s okay. This was a great beginning to a week filled with all sorts of good things.

I’m sleepy though. So I need to hit the hay.

What were some things that made the beginning of your week great? Seriously think about it; it doesn’t have to be something extraordinary, or even a specific event. It could have been a kind word someone said to you, or it could have been something you did to help someone else. 


❤ Mishy

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