#FromtheDrafts – An Introduction

Guys, I must admit…sometimes it’s hard to come up with content to post every day.

Yeah, every day brings about something different, and small things in your day can inspire something beautiful, artistic, and clever.

But sometimes I just have a pretty normal day, and I strive to really find something that was inspiring that I can write about. And sometimes looking at the little things works (I will have to admit, writing a piece based off my crappy nail job was one of my favorites), and sometimes it doesn’t work (I’m pretty sure there have been several posts that I’ve zipped through and posted just because I was trying to keep this thing going. My apologies for all those!)

And I was just about to write a whole new post about something I was talking to my best friend about a couple of days ago until I realized that I had something sort of already written about it in my drafts. So I went back and scrolled through all the drafts I had until I found what I was looking for…

…and that’s when it hit me…

I have so many drafted things just saved up on my blog account. Some of these things are from months ago, and I look back and think, Dang, I should’ve finished that.But I guess I never did because I thought it would irrelevant or boring or whatever.

Guys…remember my little mini-series #ObjectsTellTales?

How about we start another mini-series??

I’m liking the mini-series idea, honestly. It kinda helps me plan my writings a little better, and I truly feel better when there’s a plan versus when I’m staring at my computer screen with ten minutes of the day left, trying to figure out what to write haha.

Now, I’ve been trying to come up with a cool hashtag for this new mini-series within the entier #JustStartWriting series. I wanted something clever and unique. I mean, #JustStartWriting and #ObjectsTellTales aren’t terrible, but I wanted something that would POP! ya know?

Me being the English major I am, I sat on my bed and went through all the fancy words in my brain that I acquired from my awesome education over the years…

Kidding. I typed in “synonyms for draft” or “verbs that begin with d” into the Google search. Not saying that my education wasn’t good! I just don’t know everything LOL.


So…I have a serious question to ask…

Would you still love me if I just decided to call the mini-series #FromtheDrafts? I was gonna make it “#StraightOuttaDrafts,” but I wanted to make up my own thing, and stop the “#StraightOutta…” streak on the Internet for once.

I know…the hashtag is nothing fancy. Or probably not even that good, if I’m honest. But it tells you exactly where these next writings are coming from…the drafts.

Unless someone will ACTUALLY COMMENT SOMETHING UNDERNEATH THIS POST, AND BEG ME TO CHANGE IT OR GIVES ME AN IDEA, looks like #FromtheDrafts is staying.I know, you’re all comment-shy/too cool to comment under blog posts. If that’s the case, #FromtheDrafts is gonna permanently stay lol.

(If you’re my friend and you have my number, and you think this hashtag sucks, I need you to text me and help me come up with a different one haha!)

But yeah, here’s the introduction! The first #FromtheDrafts post will be up tomorrow…


Tomorrow is the last official day of summer, so I’m planning on having a little tribute to that. I’ve got some ideas of what I want to do to celebrate the last day of my favorite season, and I’m hoping I can do it all. We shall see!

So, let me make this a little clearer…

Tomorrow: Last Day of Summer Post (boo…)

Thursday: First #FromtheDrafts Post

We got it? Cool.

Yay, I managed to post this before 11pm! Sorry, no pictures. And I’m working on trying to make this #JustStartWriting thing more collaborative…which reminded me, I was supposed to FaceTime a friend tonight to talk about it. Oops.

Have a great night guys, and GET EXCITED! New things are always fun!


❤ Mishy

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