Pretty Clouds + Debate Advice.

Okay, fam. I know I said I’d try to review and edit that #FromtheDrafts post I was gonna try to put up yesterday, but as some of you might now because of Snapchat, I’m out-of-town in Indiana for my job. And I don’t think I’m gonna have the mindset right now to focus on that piece just yet, to be honest.

So I will save it for when I come back into town, and can clearly express myself. 

…but do you wanna see some pretty pictures of the clouds I took while I was on the plane today? Of course you do…

Okay, I’ll stop lol. 


Did any of you watch the first presidential debate tonight?

Look, I’m not gonna be writing to you what to do/who to vote for. That’s up to you and the research you do/don’t do. Ultimately, it’s your decision. 

Real Friends tweeted some real great tweets: 

So, like Real Friends, I will encourage you to do the same: do some research on the options you have, and base your opinions on that. If you missed tonight’s debate, I’m sure it’ll be posted somewhere for you to rewatch, or there’ll be articles for you to read (I advise you to read more than just one source, though).

Again, just suggesting. This is an important time, and we as individual American citizens need to make some important decisions. 

Also, I also encourage you to not watch the debate just to go crazy on social media about it. If you wanna say something, make sure it’s your opinion, and not just the popular opinion of your friends or family or even your favorite band. Say what you believe is true, and right, and also recognize that, if you’re gonna do it on social media, then you may get into some social media arguments over it. Just be aware. 

Anyways, I need to sleep. That’s all my mind had to say after a crazy day of travel + not eating anything until dinner time + tonight’s debate. I live-texted the debate to my best friend, who was unable to watch it, y’all. I still think she needs to go and watch it for herself because maybe I misinterpreted things. 

Love you guys! Thanks for being tolerant of me when I’m out of town and out of it! 


❤ Mishy

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