Sunday with the Rulons/Russell

Taking a break from #FromtheDrafts because I started writing something based off of a draft, and I got so deep into it, I don’t want to post it without reviewing it, and making sure it makes sense. It’s something really important that I’ve noticed in my own life, a pattern I see, and something I am currently learning.

Right now it’s about 10pm, and I feel like I won’t have enough time for the post to be the best it can be. So, I’m going to write about today instead.

If you follow me on Snapchat, I want to apologize for it being super long. I did this whole narration thing about what I was doing today with my family, and y’all were probably rolling your eyes thinking, Whyyyyyyy is she doing this… and you probably just skipped over my story completely. So again, sorry.

BUT for those of you who didn’t catch it on the Snap: today my little sister Annabelle planned this thing called “The Rulon/Russell Games,” and it was a whole plan of games played outside and inside that she wanted our family to play together so we could spend time with one another. Seeing that normally, we’re all doing our own thing every day, be it work or going on bike rides alone or watching TV by ourselves, she wanted us all to do something together.

Now, of course, this was sort of ruining my whole resting on Sunday + trying to prepare for this trip to Indiana the next morning. Selfish, I know. But I knew it meant a lot to Annabelle, so I got into my sportswear, and headed to the park with my family.

Guys…today was the most active I have been in a pretty long time. Like yeah, I take walks and bike rides, but this was some intense stuff. Like running. RUNNING. I haven’t run in a long time. We were doing stuff I hadn’t done since middle school P.E. class like volleyball, kickball, and dodgeball. We also played tennis, which got me reminiscing about my tennis squad (Kae’sha, Patsy, Anna, Austin – I MISS YOU GUYS).

It was all extremely fun. Forget my whole Sunday plan; it was good to get outside, and to be with my family in a different setting.

It’s not that we’ve never spent time together before; it’s just been a long time since we had. Not to mention, it still wasn’t the same because Kae’sha wasn’t there. If she had been, it would have made today perfect. 

I will admit, I didn’t participate in some of the later activities that went on inside the house (i.e. baking and acting competitions), but overall, I did participate, and I don’t regret it. My favorite part of all this was the fact that Annabelle had a good time; her ideas were heard, and her vision of what she wanted today to be like mostly came true, I think. And she seemed happy, which makes me happy.

Okay, we’ll hopefully be back on the #FromtheDrafts train tomorrow, although I can’t make too many promises since I’m going to be out-of-town, and we all know what happens when I go out-of-town (days of writing get skipped). But, we’ll see!

All the activity today has made me sleepy. And I still need to make sure I have everything for my flight tomorrow…

What’s something you and your family have done in the past/do now that is special to you? 




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