part one.

I’m back home, and let’s just take a second and be happy that I had window seats for every flight I had to catch in the past three days. Which means…


Guys. I actually cried watching the clouds from the window. I am that person.

But I mean, I cry because of a lot of things – like William Singe covers haha!

It’s good to be back though! Hopefully, I can get back to the swing of things aka get that #FromtheDrafts post finished for y’all.

Tonight, I wanna share something that I think is super exciting. It’s nothing life-changing, okay, so don’t get too hyped.

But some of you may know that I’m currently reading The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. I’m almost done with it, and then I’ll be able to write a review on it (so far, it’s so good, but DANG it’s heavy).

I’ve noticed as I was reading this book that a lot of it focuses on specific characters – who they are, what drives them, what in their history has made them into who they are currently in the book. It’s fascinating, really.

While I was in Indiana, I was meeting a lot of new people for work. And I was being more observant about details that made each person unique. Maybe because I’ve been reading Morrison’s book, I’ve become a little more aware of people and their habits, gestures, manner of speaking, etc.

I started thinking about this last night, and how it all relates to what I want to write about for this blog, and for other projects I want to work on. I always tell myself that I don’t know where to begin (I know, I should #JustStartWriting, but it’s easier typed out and said than done), but I think noticing this focus on individuals, characters, details…I think that’s where I need to begin.

Like, I said, not extremely exciting thoughts for some or most of you, but I am ecstatic. I’m ready to take Morrison’s book, and other books with good character development, and study, practice, and write.

It’s cool to see the inspiration come from two different things – one being fiction, the other my actual life – and see how those things connect, and create something.

I would write more, but my computer just updated, and everything is running extremely slow. This blog post took two-hours to write, and it’s not even that long. SMH.

In fact, let’s make this Part One, okay? Because I realized just now that something I learned during my time in Indiana sort of convicted me, but my convictions were excused  because of who I am, what I do, and how I think.

I’ll explain more of that in tomorrow’s post – part two.

For now, I need to sleep (as usual). I ‘m going back into the office tomorrow.




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