part two.

My computer is now functioning at a decent level, PRAISE.

Welcome to “part two” of yesterday’s post!

Let’s Recap…

If you missed my last post, I expressed how I am going to focus a lot on people and characters when it comes to my writing. Lately, I’ve just been really inspired by meeting new people, and observing their habits, gestures, etc. Plus, I’ve been reading The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, which has some awesome character descriptions and development.

With this new thought in mind, it made me re-evaluate my own tendencies and such. Who am I, and what do I do? I asked myself.

blah, blah, blah…

While I was Indiana, I attended a class on communication within the workplace, and during this class, we watched a brief TED talk on how to be a better listener and conversationalist.

Guys. I was so convicted because a lot of the things [this woman] said to avoid, I am guilty of doing a lot.

The one I want to focus on, though, is being brief.

I suck at making what I have to say short and to the point. See, even right there; I could have said, “I suck at having brief conversations.” But nope.

When I talk, I want to express all the details – who, what, when, where, how, how often, to what extent, this, that, and the other. My sister has told me this many a time; “Dude, you’re taking too long to say what you need to say,” is what she says to me.

But I just love details. And I don’t just want to be the only one describing things; I kind of expect everyone else to tell me details because I want to know them! I mean, you don’t have to tell me everything – some things are just better left unsaid. But if you went somewhere cool, like a concert, or even if you just went to the mall, and had an odd experience, I want the details.

Unfortunately, because I like details, when I’m telling someone something, it takes me fifty bajillion years to get to the point. And they may get impatient with me, or even stop listening altogether.

I expressed my concern of not being able to be a brief conversationalist to the woman that was teaching the class, and she told me that I was okay because I was a writer.

And ya know what…she right. I’m sorry if I don’t get what I’m trying to say across to you in a quick and easy fashion. Maybe I should work on it a little bit. But truthfully…it’s just who I am. I find such importance in the specifics. And it’s not that I want to take hold of the conversation completely; like I said, I love hearing details from other people’s experiences as well!

Knowing this about myself, I’m going to try to catch myself in the moment when I’m having a conversation, and also watch the person I’m talking to. Does it look like he/she is listening? Are they overwhelmed? What is possibly going through his/her head as I try to express myself?

Also, how can I be courteous enough to drop the details sometimes, and just get to the point?

I’m sorry if I talk too much; I need to be a better listener too.

But I’m excited. This is exciting.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY. Hmm, maybe I’ll make some goals for the blog this weekend…

1) Finish The Bluest Eye and write a review 

2) Finish the #FromtheDrafts post I’ve been trying to work on for days.

I think these are some pretty good weekend goals, yeah? Hoping to get some deeper content up. Lately I’ve been so busy, I’ve honestly felt super rushed trying to get posts up.

Love you guys! You can do this, enjoy your Friday, and the weekend will be here before you know it!




2 thoughts on “part two.

  1. Viv@Grief Happens

    I do this too — I want details and sometimes I don’t understand how others can simply glaze over bits I feel are crucial. I think it’s a writer thing. I’ve gotten briefer with age and have developed more of an understanding that sometimes less is more. At the same time, especially in certain types of writing — more is necessary. I guess it’s important to learn when to elaborate and when to summarize. Good luck. I’m still working on it too. 😊

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