First off…wow. Just wow.

I’ve really been inspired and humbled by my friends who shared their words with us last week. Seriously, I’d never read any of those pieces before they sent them to me, and each one really just blew me away, and made me super grateful for the gift of words. That all may sound cliche to you, but it’s true. You all inspire and motivate me to keep doing what I love to do. So thank you for that.

To those who have been willing to share so far: thank you. ❤ It means a lot to me that you’d want to be a part of something like #JustStartWriting, and I am over-the-moon happy to have you all be a part of it.

To those who want to be a part of it, but I have yet to formally introduce you to the readers of To the Brim: I can’t wait until you’re a part of this. ❤ I’m humbled that you’d want to participate, and cannot wait to share your words with everyone.

“Today, Today-ay-ay.”

Okay, yeah, so much for those other series I had planned for this month, right?

The month is still young…sort of. So there’s still time to start each of those series I was thinking about doing. But…

1) Last week’s #JSWTogether was so fun that I can’t wait to do more. Did you guys like it? I hope you did because I loved it.

2)  I’ve just been having all of these thoughts swimming through my head. It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. Shoot, it’s been an interesting few months.

Lately, when I’m at work I’ve been writing whatever comes to my mind inside the planner I carry around with me.

*sidenote: a flaw that I have is scattering all of my writings into different notebooks or scratch pieces of paper. I need to just get one notebook where I can keep everything, but what happens when I forget that notebook? Looks like I’ll be using that stray napkin I found blowing around in the wind while I was walking through the park.Yeah, I can use my phone, but for me, there’s just something about the connection between pen and paper that just seems right. Or “write” for all my punny friends 😀


Today I drove to work listening to “Sharks” by The Rocket Summer. I know I’ve brought him up a lot lately, but guys, his music is so crucial to me. Read some of my earlier blog posts that have him in the category, and you’ll see some of his lyrics I posted in like 2012. Why? Because when I feel like I need to truly focus on what matters – my faith in the Lord, the hope that we have in Him – I can’t listen to some of the other music I listen to. But I can listen to The Rocket Summer. His influence has been a major one of mine since high school, and it’s amazing to see it continue to now.

Admittedly, my mind has not been in great places these past couple of weeks; it’s been really hard to stay positive and hopeful. My mind becomes clouded with things of the past, and worries of the future. I’ve been trying to rest in all sorts of ways, but most importantly in the Lord.

Lately I’ve been reading the book of Matthew, and I reached chapter 6, where the verses I have to repeat to myself over and over reside. The one I want to focus on is this:

“Therefore, do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” – Matthew 6:34 (ESV)

I wrote this piece during my lunch break at work based on this verse, and “Sharks.” I don’t even know if you could even call it a “piece” really. And these are definitely not ground-breaking ideas. They’re just thirty minutes of my thoughts one right after the other.


“…just take in TODAY.”

I’m so tempted to dwell on the things of the PAST – what I should have said or done in a moment. What would have happened had certain things not occurred? Who would I be if I’d just made one decision differently? Or if I’d wisely chosen not to do something?

I’m also tempted to dwell on the things of the FUTURE – what’s my next move after certain things come to an end? Where will I find myself next month? What kind of situations will happen then?

Why is it so hard to focus on TODAY? Like, truly  focus on today?

Can there ever be a day when I only think about what I have to do, in that moment, without planning ahead for things, or allowing my mind to go back to moments of my past? Not saying that planning for the future is bad; it’s definitely necessary sometimes. Worrying about the future, though, is bad. We are not called to worry, how many times must I say this? Thinking about/remembering the past because of fondness of memories, or reminders to not make the poor decisions we made before is okay. But these are different than living in the past, or obsessing over it.

What does taking in TODAY look like? Have I ever experienced it? Will I ever experience it?

I want to learn how to embrace moments. Because we don’t get them back. We may get moments that are similar to other moments, but we will never get those certain, specific experiences back. Like people, moments are unique. Every day is unique, even if you’re going to the same job/class/ whatever, and seeing the same people, and doing the same things.

So, why dwell on past experiences/moments that you cannot relive, no matter how many times you think about them, or how much detail you remember from them?

And why just think or dream about what your future will look like when you really have no idea what even tomorrow will hold? This is why we must place the foundation of our thoughts in the Lord. (This is a whole different thought process I may go on later. I had a conversation about this with Bria I need to process a little more.)

Take in today.



❤ Mishy


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